Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura de Tijuana
Lado a Lado

an exhibit of James Hubbell’s work in Baja Califorñia

July 21 – Sept 24, 2021

This summer, the City of Tijuana recognized James Hubbell with his first-ever exhibit in Mexico. To view the exhibition opening, see photos below!

Lado a Lado (which means Side by Side in Spanish) showcased Hubbell’s many ways of fostering friendship and bi-national understanding by creating community-based art and architecture at landmark locations in Baja California. Hubbell is an internationally-acclaimed artist whose unusual studios and home in Santa Ysabel (near Julian, California) have been toured by thousands of visitors.

His work — always as a volunteer over many decades — created several iconic projects: Colegio La Esperanza schools (Tijuana), Pacific Rim Park (La Playa, Tijuana), the Kumeyaay Museum (Tecate), and Kuchumaa Passage at Rancho La Puerta (Tecate).

The exhibit was a cross-border collaboration of Ilan-Lael Foundation and Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura de Tijuana, in conjunction with the City of Tijuana’s 132nd anniversary celebration. James recieved an award for his 30 years of cross-border collaborative work called “The Peoples of Mexico and the United States Award,” which honnors his cross-border vision within the field of architecture and art.

Photographs, video, maquettes, plans, drawings and watercolors, sculpture, and art objects told the story behind Hubbell’s humble methods of gathering community members and students to create works of art and architecture that benefit and inspire many facets of Mexican society. The exhibit was created by Mario G. Echeveste Reynoso, Architect and Coordinator of IMAC Galleries, and co-curators Marianne Gerdes and Laurie Dietter. New panoramic photographs by John Durant showcased each site in large format.

The show opened Wednesday, July 21, 2021, with a private reception attended by the public and dignitaries, including from the Mayor’s office, Edna Mireya Pérez Corona,  Regidora de la Comisíon de Educación, Cultura, Bibliotecas, Ciencia y Tecnología, José Guadalupe Luquín Noriega, Docente de las Facultad de Arquitectura del Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana, Minerva Tapia Robles, Directora del Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura, Christine Brady, Directora de The Americas Foundation y Colegio La Esperanza, Marianne Gerdes, Executive Director of the Ilan-Lael Foundation, 99-year-old Deborah Szekely, co-founder of Rancho La Puerta, and Sarah Livia Brightwood, President of Rancho La Puerta. The exhibit was free and well-attended by community members from both Tijuana and San Diego during its two-month run.

Enjoy photos of the opening celebration and the Lado a Lado catalog, featuring images of the work in this landmark Hubbell exhibit.

View the “Lado a Lado” Exhibit Catalog

Read a review HERE of the show published Monday, August 9, 2021 in the Spanish San Diego Tribune.  If you open the link in Google you can choose to translate it to English.

Photos by Laurel Costa
Opening ceremony for "Lado a Lado, James Hubbell in Baja California, Mexico" at IMAC's Galería de la Ciudad in Tijuana.
Bernardo Martínez, coordinador de Enlace Binacional delivers message at the opening ceremony for Lado a Lado at IMAC's Galería de la Ciudad in Tijuana.
Melba Adriana Olvera Rodriguez, Secretaria de Bienestar Social Municipal, gave an inspiring message about the importance of art in our communities.
The gallery doors open to attendees as the ceremony closes.
Gallery entrance.
"Lado a Lado (Side by Side) James Hubbell en Baja California" exhibition in Tijuana B.C., Mexico -Exhibit design by Laurie Dietter, co-curated by Marianne Gerdes and Mario Echeveste
"Lado a Lado (Side by Side) James Hubbell en Baja California" exhibition in Tijuana B.C., Mexico.
Maqueta - a sculptor's architecture and art models on display.
Visitors gather at the entrance to the exhibit.
Kumeyaay Museum in Tecate, photos and objects
Touring the exhibit.
Crowds enjoy the colorful exhibit.
Lado a Lado opening. PHOTO: Laurel Costa
Whimisical yellow butterfly watercolor by James Hubbell, enlarged for the exhibit.
Exhibit entrance
The exhibit included a short film by Marianne and Michael Gerdes.
Visitors made butterfiles, part of the exhibit's interactive art project.
Visitors are invited to add their own art to the exhibition.
Dinner at a local restaurant was enjoyed by attendees after the exhibit.
Images of Colegio La Esperanza school in Tijuana. PHOTO: Laurel Costa
The exhibit included a display of materials used when building a school on a shoe string.
Tour group enjoy the exhibit and color of Tijuana's La Playa district.
Exhibit designer, Laurie Dietter with Drew and Pam Hubbell.
Cristobal González Bardales, a member of the design/build team for "Entre Corazon y Mar" and Mario Reynoso, Gallery Coordinator. a
Visitors pose in front of the Pacific Rim Park area of the exhibit.
Ilan-Lael board president, Drew Hubbell and Christine Brady, director of the La Esperanza schools in Tijuana.
Ilan-Lael's Marianne Gerdes, Laurel Costa and Aliese Hewitt.
Dinner at a local restaurant was enjoyed by attendees after the exhibit.

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