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Enjoy the beauty of Ilan-lael by taking a virtual tour!  This 53 minute program takes you through the art-filled and historically designated property that includes the private homes, studios and galleries, and Foundation buildings.  It includes the personal reflections of James and Anne Hubbell, and additional commentary by family members, artists, and staff. 

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Our Virtual Open House Tour features all the things you love about visiting in-person. Jim and Anne, joined by their children, share their stories of creating and living in these amazing surroundings and how they built everything by hand starting in 1958 as newlyweds. Visit the hand-built sculptural home, the working-artist studios and gardens created by James and Anne Hubbell. See the architecture and art nestled amidst the oaks and boulders and be inspired by the way nature and art can truly dance together as one.



Pool, fountain and hot tub at Ilan-Lael. Photo by Chris Henry