Learn from the past.

The Ilan-Lael Foundation will soon celebrate 40 years of service to the San Diego region and beyond. What started with a simple newsletter called Hidden Leaves has become a community of like-minded people who believe, as co-founder James Hubbell likes to say, “…what we can dream we can do, and what we can do can change the world.”

Live in the present.

Creating with loving intention is a powerful act. Ask a student who has studied at Colegio La Esperanza, or a young person who has built a Pacific Rim Park, or a visitor who has walked the grounds of Ilan-Lael. Creative begets creative. And so Ilan-Lael’s purpose is to unleash creativity’s power to make our world a more humane and harmonious place. We’ve been doing this work for 40 years, and we’re energized to do it for many, many more. Some of programs include Hidden Leaves, major art exhibitions such as Lado a Lado in Tijuana and a sculpture show at the Oceanside Museum of Art, KidzArt, Colegio La Esperanza, Kuchumaa Passage, Father’s Day Open House, Healing the Healers, small group tours, meetings and retreats in our new Art Center, and the seven parks of Pacific Rim Park.

Believe in the future.

The future depends on what we do in the present. Your annual gift keeps the Ilan-Lael Foundation strong and vital while serving the needs of today. An endowment gift secures our long-term future so that we can remain vital for the challenges that lie ahead.

Drew Hubbell, Ilan-lLael board president (left) with Hal Abrams (right). PHOTO: Aeliana Hubbell

Meet Hal Abrams

Hal is a long-time friend of Drew Hubbell and Ilan-Lael. As Drew’s former college roommate he got to know the Hubbell family and their amazing home. Now, Hal is helping Ilan-Lael Foundation grow and prosper in the years ahead.  As a non-profit fundraising specialist and tax attorney Hal knows the impact of planned giving. He can help you navigate the many opportunities to find a win-win for your situation.

Call our office at 760-765-3427 or email is at info@ilanlaelfoundation.org and we’ll be happy to connect you!

PHOTO: The Boys’ House at dusk, by John Durant

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