The French call it l’heure blue, that luminous-but-waning moment when day turns to twilight, a shy Venus peeks out from behind her veil, and — voila! — our moon rises from behind the shoulders of Volcan Mountain.

You had to be there to appreciate it, and … and many of you were! As we ate dinner in the embrace of James’s new courtyard, glasses were raised: to new friends, as well as to the future of the Ilan-Lael Foundation—the next 50 years. There were many highlights to the evening, but listening to Drew Hubbell, Ilan-Lael’s new Board President read “Architecture of Jubilation” was inspiring and uplifting. It was written by James in 1974, but he says that it still helps to guide his work today. Below is an excerpt, but please enjoy it in its full length, republished here.

“I have heard astronomers talk about the music of the spheres. I have heard this music described as a song of jubilation. Perhaps this is a word for our coming age, a time of coming together, of coming back to the whole.

We need an Architecture of Jubilation to sing of it!” —James Hubbell

Here’s to l’heure blue, as some say: “the hour between daylight and night when the sky’s luminosity draws artists out of their studios to see light’s last glimmerings.” We hope you will grace us again soon with your presence and donate. And, if you couldn’t make it this year…the good news is that there will be another Harvest Moon in 2022, a year from now. Make sure to sign up if you want to be on our mailing list and be notified of all our wonderful events to come! Or visit us now! Autumn Tours are filling up. Enjoy the photos and a lovely video of the harvest moonrise below from photographer and friend, John Durant.

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Kathy Louv and Anne Hubbell enjoy a delicious dessert prepared by John Little Catering. PHOTO: Laurel Costa

Friends await the rising of the Harvest Moon together. From left to right, John Johns, James Hubbell, Richard Louv and Peter Jensen. PHOTO: Courtesy of Ilan-Lael 

New Ilan-Lael Foundation president, Drew Hubbell delivers a welcome to Harvest Moon guests and reads reminds us of the connection between people, art and nature as he reads “The Architecture of Jubilation” written by his father, James Hubbell in 1974. It still guides his work today. PHOTO: Laurel Costa

Executive Director, Marianne Gerdes speaks about the importance of the work at Ilan-Lael Foundation and the power that art has to transform. PHOTO: Laurel Costa

Anne Hubbell and guests enjoy the evening’s delicious meal catered John Little Catering.  PHOTO: Laurel Costa

Stone Fruit and Arugula Salad…yum! PHOTO Laurel Costa

Amy Testa, Pam Hubbell and Anita Nichols prepare to dig in to the harvest feast. PHOTO Laurel Costa

It was a magical evening of celebration and jubilation—for James and Anne Hubbell, for their art and architecture, and most especially, for their beautiful legacy carried on by the Ilan-Lael Foundation.. PHOTO Laurel Costa

We enjoyed good food, conversation, music, dancing, and together we gathered to watch the rising of a harvest moon over Volcan Mountain! PHOTO: Peter Jensen

James Hubbell catching the first glimpse of the moon rising over Volcan Mountain! PHOTO: Emilie Ledieu

Guest gathered above the Ilan-Lael Center to watch the sun setting and the beautiful harvest moon rising. PHOTO: Laurel Costa

Musicians from the band FULL CIRCLE played moon-themed songs while guests danced under the moonlight.  PHOTO: Laurel Costa

A very special dance with mother and son, Anne and Drew Hubbell.  PHOTO: Emilie Ledieu

The magic of the evening was captured by photograper John Durant in this aerial view of Harvest Moon celebration at Ilan-Lael Foundation. VIDEO John Durant

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