Ilan-Lael…for today and tomorrow

There are many ways to support Ilan-Lael…for today and tomorrow.

Annual Membership

Supporting Ilan-Lael through an Annual Membership is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to ensure the preservation and upkeep of the home and studios of James and Anne Hubbell. Annual Memberships have benefits including 10% off spring and fall tours as well as our online shop and bookstore. Additionally, your annual membership supports our important programs, making an impact on our communities and beyond, including:


Watershed Explorers
Our newest program is in partnership with the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy. Using Ilan-Lael as one of its outdoor classrooms, this program provides young people the opportunity to experience and appreciate nature, culture, and the art of the San Dieguito River watershed first-hand. Learn more

Pacific Rim Park Project
Founded by James Hubbell in 1994, Pacific Rim Park was created to build friendship parks around the Pacific Rim. It is a way of bridging cultures, establishing new connections, and helping define an emergent Pacific Rim community. Learn more about this program and how you can support the next Pacific Rim Park!

Healing the Healers
A ground-breaking program created by Ilan-Lael in partnership with the San Diego Medical Society, it was an initial response to the pandemic in 2021. Frontline COVID medical staff from the San Diego area visited Ilan-Lael for a day of rest and rejuvenation using nature and art to help heal the trauma that our frontline healthcare workers experienced. This program is funded completely through donations to ILF.  Learn more about the success of Healing The Healers and how you can support it.

The Hubbell Archive Project
Our Hubbell Archive ensures that artworks are organized, cataloged and safe for generations to come. The archive makes exhibits possible and helps us categorize and archive the many thousands of artworks created by James Hubbell over his lifetime. What began with a seed donation from our friend and long-time supporter, Deborah Szekely, has grown to include a dollar-for-dollar matching grant.  Learn more about how you can support the Hubbell Archive Project

Community Partnerships and Corporate Sponsorship

We recognize how important businesses are to our communities, and we are grateful for it! These programs were created in 2023 in a effort to connect Ilan-Lael to our vibrant community.

We offer two programs including  Community Business Partners and Corporate Sponsorship each offering opportunities and benefits throughout the year. As a Community Business Partner, visitors who come to Ilan-Lael will be encouraged to view your business and offerings and seek them out as they explore the surrounding area. Corporate Sponsors demonstrate their commitment and shared values that align with Ilan-Lael as we honor beauty, art and nature for the inspiration it gives people of all ages.

Learn more about the benefits and opportunities as a Community Business Partner

Learn more about how you can become a Corporate Sponsor

The Ilan-Lael Endowment

Supporting the Ilan-Lael Endowment paves the way for future generations, building on the legacy of James and Anne Hubbell and ensuring that Ilan-Lael will be there for future generations, touching lives through art, nature and beauty.

Founders Circle
In addition to regular annual giving, the Founders’ Circle is a select group of friends and family who give $500 or more and are recognized in perpetuity for planting the first seeds of the Ilan-Lael Endowment. The Founders’ Circle is only open for a limited time. Join the Founders’ Circle

Studio Society
The Ilan-Lael Studio Society is for all who believe in the mission of Ilan-Lael and the legacy of James and Anne Hubbell and wish to give $1,000 or more annually. The Studio Society supports educational programs for youth and emerging artists, and many art projects that foster understanding among communities and cultures at home and around the Pacific. Additionally, it ensures the preservation and upkeep of the artful buildings and tranquil landscapes of Ilan-Lael for generations to come. Become a Studio Society Member

The Legacy Society
Legacy giving refers to donations that supporters plan to give after their passing. Legacy giving is also commonly referred to as ‘planned giving’ as donors often plan these gifts years before they are distributed to the designated parties. In addition to your regular annual giving, legacy gifts in your estate plan can ensure your impact carries forward far into the future. Please let us know if you have included Ilan-Lael in your estate plan so we can recognize you in our Legacy Society!

If you are interested in learning more about how you can support the Ilan-Lael Endowment Founders’ Circle or Legacy Society, please email Marianne Gerdes at Or give us a call at 760-765-3427.

Commemorative giving is a popular way to recognize a friend or family member, or honor a special cause. Supporting Ilan-lael in this way ensures that your gift becomes part of Ilan-lael’s unique beauty and is a lasting legacy for generations to come. Learn more about the different levels of commemorative giving and how your support can become a physical part of the Ilan-Lael compound.


Thank you to our 2022  supporters!

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