Glimmer 22 by Dan Thoner


Artist: Dan Thoner
Year: 2023
Materials: Colored glass, copper wire and copper foil
Dimensions: 11″h x 9″w x 3d inches

Glimmer by Dan Thoner is one of a kind “light catcher”, made with materials commonly used in stained glass construction. This 3 dimensional glass art and can be hung in any window or well-lit area to bring a little magic into your life.

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Craftsman Dan Thoner, DT Artworks

About the Artist: The vision of James Hubbell restored my artistic ambition. My interest in creating art began early and was a driving force in my life but took a backseat to carpentry when I went to work with my dad and brother. Art was becoming an avocation until the night my wife and I went to dinner at the Triton restaurant on College Avenue. My world of artistic possibility was instantly expanded. I began doing stained glass and changed my career to graphic arts. The next 25 years I spent working as a freelance illustrator before moving to Julian in 2006. There I began combining my experience with wood, glass and design into building doors with the hope of introducing myself to and possibly working with the man who inspired me to keep following my dream.



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