A one-eyed coyote, a very muscular bobcat, a ballerina fox…what else will we see?

Recently our caretaker and resident mosaic guru Emilie has been working with Field Manager Hans Peterman from the Wildlife Research Institute to capture some footage of our furry friends on the llan-Lael property. He and Emilie chose four spots to set up cameras. The cameras are on loan from WRI and Hans is volunteering his time to install, collect and maintain the cameras. This effort was just a test to see what kinds of creatures we could photograph and the results are impressive.

Hans and WRI’s loan inspired our good friend Kat Pephens of Team3B, aka Books, Balanced, and Beyond, to donate three permanent wildlife cams to Ilan-Lael. With these more long-term cameras installed, we have with high hopes of catching a shot of a mountain lion after finding some promising activity in the nearby area. Follow us @ilanlael on social media to monitor our local denizens. And many thanks to Hans, Emilie, and Kat For introducing this new program to Ilan-Lael.

A beautiful bobcat walks along the edge of the Hubbell Pool at night.
A fox playfully moves in the night.
A few coyotes move around early in the morning.
Bats swoop down near the pool water to catch insects.



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