Our world is in crisis, in many places and on many levels; climate change, war, political division, oppression. Indestructible hope and joy are too often marginalized. Now is the time to centralize visions of hope and wisdom, and build a foundation for a culture of peace. This is the goal of a day-long seminar titled “Productive Joy” on Saturday September 17th at Ilan-Lael in Julian, CA. Ilan-Lael is the ideal setting, a place where beauty and art have changed communities, politics, and people. The class will immerse participants in myth and poetry that show how all things interconnect and how assumptions can be changed. Changing assumptions can change approaches to social thought and politics. With renewed optimism, we can transform our community.
Dr. Susanne Sklar, a professor of Religion and Literature will facilitate. She has taught in seven countries, most recently at Carthage College in Wisconsin and at the University of Oxford (where she earned a doctorate in theology). Susanne has recently written about William Blake, Mary Magdalene, the Book of Revelation, and peace education. There is no charge to attend this seminar. Seating is limited to 10 participants. A donation is suggested to help defray costs.


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