The fifth Pacific Rim Park was ushered into the world in May of 2009.  The Salinlahi Park of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines is the gateway to the future Environmental Tropical Science Center for the city.  Designed by James Hubbell and his students, and constructed by James, Kyle Bergman, Brennan Hubbell and the students in 30 days time, it features an open structure whose form suggests a bird, like an albatross which is considered good luck.    Salinlahi, is a Filipino word, which means, “One Race” and is used in the Philippines to describe the diverse cultures and influences that seek to establish one Filipino nation. It also describes the mission of the Pacific Rim Parks project, of mutual friendship and shared cultural experiences among nations of the Pacific.

PHOTO: The Salinlahi Park of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines was built just before the rainy season in April 2009 and constructed by students from Yantai, Jeju, Vladivostok, Puerto Princesa and San Diego

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