Recently Ilan-Lael hosted 50 high school students from High Tech High in San Marcos, California, who spent a day learning to look at their world in a new way. Watershed Explorers is a program of the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy that provides young people the opportunity to experience and appreciate nature, culture, and the art of the San Dieguito River watershed first-hand.

Artists Mati Moon, Jenna MacGillis, Emilie Ledieu, and Laurel Costa curated the day and led the classes. Students toured the property and observed how James Hubbell uses water as an inspiration for many of his designs. They were invited to paint, and construct nature-themed tableaus—an exercise inspired by the work of sculptor Andy Goldsworthy.

“Our day at Ilan-Lael allowed us to see that architecture is not just about houses. I learned that you could make art part of your everyday life…and we had the chance to see what two people accomplished. The spaces here are so well-loved!”—Var, 8th grade, Watershed Explorers attendee

Watershed Explorers at Ilan-Lael was made possible by Diane Coombs, a founding member of the program who is featured in this issue. It is her sincere wish that the Ilan-Lael community give generously to help the Watershed Explorer Program prosper and flourish at Ilan-Lael in the coming year.

Please support Ilan-Lael’s alliance with Watershed Explorers
Only $100 has a big impact on this all-day Ilan-Lael experience.

View photos by Laurel Costa, Mati Moon, Jenna MacGillis, and Emilie Ledieu from the Watershed Explorers day at Ilan-Lael with the students from High Tech High San Marcos.

Top Photo: Program designers/instructors Jenna MacGillis, Mati Moon, Laurel Costa, and Emilie Ledieu. Photo: Laurel Costa

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