Three on the Edge: Architecture of Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, James Hubbell, Wallace Cunningham


Friends and colleagues of many decades, Kendrick Kellogg, James Hubbell and Wallace Cunningham have spent their entire professional lives in the San Diego region. Each is strongly influenced by the geography and climate of southern California and Baja, Mexico, and their work responds to the friendliness of the sea, the light and the accepting hills and land. This exhibition will highlight the trio’s architecture and design creations, which are original, imaginative and poetic, evoking a romantic aesthetic and expressive of the principles of the artist-craftsman’s movement.

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“Three on the Edge: Architecture of Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, James Hubbell, and Wallace Cunningham” honors these three San Diego based architectural designers and focuses on the trio’s design genius, sensitive use of materials, and excellent craftsmanship. Friends and professional colleagues of long standing, they were all colleagues and admirers of San Diego’s star architect of the last generation, Sim Bruce Richards.

Through him, and directly, they are linked with the muse of Frank Lloyd Wright. Their work, each decidedly different from the others, is together particularly expressive of the Southern California region and the expansive, even free-wheeling lifestyle—at one with sun, and light, wind and water, and the spare landscape of Southern California’s chaparral. In their work, too, there is an embrace of earlier Romantic values in expressions of unconfined imaginations that allow buildings to bend, swoop, and soar. The homes and other built environments of Kellogg, Hubbell, and Cunningham sit sensitively within the natural realm yet make stunning statements within it. Each building can be experienced as a great jewel placed beautifully into nature as its perfectly complementing—and complemented—setting.

Published by Mingei International Museum
Text by Michael Webb
Format: soft cover
Dimensions: 8” x 12”
80 page plus cover / 74 plates
Publication year: 2014
soft cover



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