Springy Ladder by Brennan Hubbell

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Artist: Brennan Hubbell
Year: 2022
Materials: Steel and Glass
Dimensions: 8″ x 44″ inches

“Springy Ladder” is an 8 inch by 44 inch steel and glass sculpture.  The idea of turning a springy shape into a not springy shape is what started this sculpture.  The zigzag is a spring.   And a Ladder is not.  Then there are things that lie somewhere in between.

Artist Statement on Peace: Peace to me is a way of being that turns adversity and obstacles into opportunities.  I never could really connect with what comes to my mind people say, R. I. P.  or even when someone describes a place as peaceful.  I don’t want to be dead or even half asleep.  Instead, peace can be about not getting swept up in the current and turmoil but still staying steady in your vessel, and having your vision constant and clear on your star that will lead you to your destination.  That is the kind of peace that makes me want to go sailing or surfing or swimming and building friendships and parks on and around the Pacific Ocean.


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About the Artist:

Brennan Hubbell takes an expansive knowledge of diverse materials and understanding of context to tell a story about what it means to be creative and alive in current times. This ability shows up in his large public sculptures in places such as “Tree Pose” in South Park, San Diego, and “Yoga Tree”  in Solana Beach, CA., which are made out of a mixture of cement and styrofoam.  The experimentation of materials and technique which Brennan employs comes from the broad exposure to art, and artists and the art world of his youth. The renowned and prolific artist James Hubbell is his father.  When Brennan entered Saint Olaf College chemistry was his path but the liberal arts ethos of Saint Olaf had its influence.  Creative writing and Art classes became a place for Brennan to synthesize diverse fields.  His understanding of context and setting can be seen in his designs at the Manzanita Gathering Place in City Heights, CA,;  High Tide Park at Kimbol Park in National City CA; and “The Back Lot” at ARTS, National City. Brennan Hubbell was awarded the 2013 San Diego Art Prize in emerging artist category.  He has shown work at the Athenaeum Library, the Contemporary Art Fair and Sparks Gallery

Brennan participated in several Pacific Rim Park building projects in locations around the world.




























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