Peace Point by Eugenia Wang


Artist: Eugenia Wang
Year: 2022
Materials: print on paper

“Peace Point” is X inch by X inch printed reproduction of an original work by Eugenia Wang.  The soothing pastel tones, geometric lines, and circular “peace point” are a poignant call for calm and reason amid growing tensions in east Asia. Wang, a resident of Taiwan says “In the turbulent environment around, look for the peace of mind and each other – the peace point.”

Artist Statement on Peace:

Peace is to be able to find calmness within your heart and within each other in this chaotic environment.

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About the Artist:

Eugenia Wang is an architectural designer/ design manager for high tech companies and data center development. Eugenia has been “country hopping” between Asia and US for the past decade or so and is currently located in Taiwan.

Eugenia participated in the Pacific Rim Park in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2013.





























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