About the Artist:

Mati Moon, Ilan-Lael’s whimsical gardener extraordinaire, is not formally schooled in art, or gardening for that matter, but she was raised by creative parents who encouraged her to express herself by using her hands. “I do ceramics and photography, and I paint. I’ve been working with India Ink which is an interesting challenge.” She also leads Ilan-Lael’s garden work days and dry wreath workshops. “ I find it a meditative practice to find something natural and sit with it. It’s a quiet time often and I’m always surprised with what comes out.” Her interest in James Hubbell go back 2002 to when she moved from Oregon to Julian into Camp Stevens, the Episcopal Church Camp which has several Hubbell art installations on its campus. “I got to see Ilan-Lael before the Cedar fire with a group from Camp Stevens. Jim gave us a tour and was talking about life and beauty and it immediately resonated with me.” Her place at Camp Stevens put here in a key spot to help the Hubbell’s with the evacuation for the Cedar Fire, and then to help break ground on a new garden one year later. “The Hubbell garden, I feel pretty fortunate to be here. I’m given creative leeway with it and I work with a supportive community of artists. Working with plants, being handed this opportunity to be creative with nature and to witness it, the garden does amazing things on its own. I water it and shape it and stand back and watch it grow. There’s a lot of symbolism in Jim’s work in nature. The cycle of life and birth and death and the things we don’t really control. Things are blooming right next to what’s dying. The garden is symbolic in that way.”

Mati teaches:

Dried Wreath Making Date: TBD
Location: Ilan-Lael Center, Julian, CA
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Cost: $60 (tools and materials will be provided)
Lunch: not included
Instructor: Mati Moon

We’ve been busy collecting and drying many of our favorite native and cultivated varieties of flowers and plants that are growing at Ilan-Lael for this very special class on wreath-making. Learn how to make your own dried wreath using all natural materials from our Ilan-Lael gardener/artist Mati Moon. We provide the materials and you will walk away with new skills and a lovely reminder of the beauty of Ilan-Lael. Class is limited to 12 persons. Must be at least 12 years of age to register.

This workshop is coming soon, but please check back soon. We add new classes, workshops and events regularly.


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