THE ART & poetry OF JAMES HUBBELL An Exhibition at St. James by-the-Sea Episcopal Church
La Jolla, California May 19 – July 23, 2017

Of the swarms of young men and women in a great city there is a handful only who make the declaration to themselves and to their usually nerve-racked families that they are artists. It is a fine declaration, however silly-seeming are its voices. For whoever sets out to conquer the world of the arts seeks only to conquer himself—to loot his own brain of whatever riches it holds and to offer these as spoils to mankind. Art is the magic whose lonely trick here and there keeps the notion going that the human soul is full of wonders. The mystery is chiefly this—that there is seemingly a tiny proportion of the human family born without greed, who entered life without fear of tomorrow, without an urge to lose themselves safely in the known and practical world of their elders. These were, in the past—automatically the artists. —Ben Hecht, “Child of the Century”


This step

is my path

in the tide history.

The current, the eddy

my teacher.

In the night’s rain

my life.

Above the storm

the moon lives.

Within the dark night

sleeps the light,

lighting an endless path.

Upon it we meet,

walk within.

—James Hubbell

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Watercolor | What Must Be Hidden, 2012
Watercolor | Untitled, 2015
Watercolor | Song to the Coming of Spring, 2016
Watercolor | Untitled, 2013
Watercolor | Magic Gate, 2013
Watercolor | Untitled, 2008
Watercolor | The 4th, W2008
Watercolor | Untitled, 2009
Watercolor | Untitled, 2015
Watercolor | Hill of Blue Trees, 2008
Watercolor | Under The Dome, 2008
Watercolor | Jerusalem, 2008
Sculpture | Lady With Horse, Cast Bronze on wood base
Window | Stained Glass, crystal, slumped and fused glass, copper wire. Crafted by Cynthia Mushet Shriver
Sculpture | Bronze with stone base. Crafted byJohn Wheelock
Marble Sculpture | Marble on plexiglas and wood base. Crafted by John Smith
Untitled pen and ink, 2009