Artists Paul Klee said:  “Drawing is taking a line for a walk.”

This is much how I find it.  You reach for a new sheet of paper; somewhere in the back of your mind is the image, the curve of a horse’s neck.  You begin that line and follow it, the eyes full of wonder, the nostrils wide, the mane as if a flag caught in a wind.

It is a conversation, a listening to the line, the feel of the pen, a searching for meaning, a making of an image, a walk with a friend.

So much in art is a metaphor for life, which from our birth is a following of one special thread, a searching for ones meaning.

And this show, Following the Line, brings together many images and maybe questions about the world.

Read “Drawing Is Our Fingerprint,” by James Hubbell

Peaceful Squirrel, 2010
Rainbow Bull, 1996
Leopard and Snake, 1998
Maiden With Bird, 2002
Man and the Moon, 2003
Old Tree, 2012
Mirror, 2000
The Birth of the Waters, 2005
Stone Steps, 2009
The Armless Maiden, 2001
Rooted Man, 2010
Lady at Troubled Sea. 1996
Lady in Cloud, 2000
Lady in the Wave, 2000
Lady on Cliff, 2000
Forest, 2010
Horse and Lady, 2001
Lady and Bird, 2000
Lady and Man, 2009
Caught in Dark Curls, 2001
Child With Bird, 2003
Diamond Moon, 2001
Flying Birds, 2005
After Fredreck, 2012
Bali Scarf, 2005
Bird Offering, 2012
Blue Butterfly and Buffalo, 2004
We Look Not at the Wonders We Hold In Our Hand, 1998