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Why are archives important? Perhaps the look on James’s face when he first opened the boxes of photos on The Doors of Abu Dhabi from Mr. Rigan said it all: wonder — sheer wonder — at all that has been accomplished, will be, and will now never be forgotten in Ilan-Lael’s and Jim and Anne Hubbell’s lifelong quest to help future generations realize the many ways art and nature, joined as one, make magic happen.

You can help!

A dollar for dollar matching grant is currently active for the Hubbell Archive Project. Additional donations are needed to fully match this generous grant. Pease consider supporting this vital effort…every dollar you give is providing two dollars for this important work.

The Ilan-Lael Foundation has the enviable task of creating and maintaining a database of information about artist James Hubbell’s life and career. The records we are assembling document artworks, patterns, plans, photographs, film, video, books and paper records that span Hubbell’s career and life. We are preserving and digitizing this work to make it accessible to collectors and scholars and curators, to help educate future generations, and, to build the provenance that will help increase the value of Hubbell artwork in years to come.

Do you own an artwork by James Hubbell? Please let us know so we can add its photo and title to the record of his life’s work. Contact

lan-Lael Foundation is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. ID# 95-3826760.

PHOTO by Marianne Gerdes. In white gloves, archivist Laurel Costa and Jim Hubbell rediscover his drawings of the Palace Doors of Abu Dhabi.