MARCH 9 – AUGUST 4, 2024

Don’t Miss the Opening Reception!

San Diego Central Library Gallery
Saturday, March 9th, 5-7pm

Central Library Gallery
330 Park Boulevard, 9th Floor  |  San Diego, CA 92101


In southern California, between the influences of San Diego, Tijuana and the Pacific; among mountains, manzanita, boulders and oaks, lives a man who builds a world he wants to live in—where the aesthetic is a reflection of nature—and philosophy and art are a way of life.

Artist James Hubbell has a 70-plus-year career as a contemporary master who expresses himself through nature-inspired art, architecture and functional objects and spaces. Using stone and glass, paint and pen, wood and steel, his works are natural and unconfined. His human and nature-centric design places art in walls, roofs, floors, and furnishings, not separate from, but as extensions of life.

In Hubbell’s world, the everyday is elevated to art, and art is for every day.

Hubbell recognizes that it is our cities, buildings, structures—our treatment of our environment—that are perhaps our truest expressions of our views and values, our understanding of the ordering of the universe in which we live.

Without great fanfare or financial reward, James Hubbell, the non-architect builder, personally led the design and construction of multiple architectural and fine art projects that accomplished meaningful social and educational transformation in Tijuana and San Diego.

As an architectural designer, sculptor, painter, stained-glass artist, and community activist, James Hubbell has made his mark as one of San Diego’s most prolific artists. His Architecture of Jubilation is an invitation for all of us to create the world we want to live in.

The Opening Reception will feature musician Pablo Dodero!

Pablo is a producer, DJ, and writer originally from Tijuana, México. He is currently working on his PhD in Music at UCSD researching Mexico’s electronic music history. He has been involved in the DIY music scene in Tijuana, San Diego, and Los Angeles for over two decades and currently performs experimental electronic music under the names Adiós Mundo Cruel and Les Temps Barbares.


Branch Out!

TOP ROW: Mission Valley Library, architect Rob Quigley. BOTTOM ROW: Scripps Ranch Library, left. Otay Nestor Library, right, Safdie and Ribines Architects

James Hubbell: Architecture of Jubilation will be showing concurrently at these library branch locations near you!

Scripps Miramar Ranch Library will feature the the Hubbell Mountain Home & Studios,—the source of creativity—where thousands make the pilgrimage to Ilan-Lael to walk its tranquil acreage and marvel at Hubbell’s architecture.

Mission Valley Library will tell the story of the Pacific Rim Project, Hubbell’s vision that nations located on the Pacific Rim can find common ground through art.

Otay Mesa-Nestor Library will focus on James Hubbell’s work in Norther Baja, working side by side—Lado a Lado—building a school in Tijuana, the Kumeyaay Museum in Tecate and Kuchumaa Passage, Hubbell’s first experiment in community-built art parks.

— Special Thanks —

James and Anne Hubbell & The Entire Hubbell Family

Library Foundtion SD

Patton Fine Homes










TOP PHOTO: San Diego Central Library, Architect Rob Wellington Quigley. Image Courtesy AGA

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