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153 responses to “James is turning 90…HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

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  12. Lynne Anne Baker says:

    The world is more beautiful with you in it. Thank you for your teachings and the art. Both shall endure.

  13. Sherry and Jan says:

    Wishing the very best always and thank you for being our inspiration and responsible for our marriage. 🥰🥰🥰

  14. Pablo Lim says:

    Happy birthday jim! Working with you on the pacific rim parks are some of the fondest memories i have, your work and art will always be an inspiration thank you for everything! Take care always!

    Best regards to you and your family
    Pablo Lim

  15. Tui Wiseman says:

    Happy Birthday James!!! My dad helped build some of the studios a long time ago and has since gone back to help with clearing the fire defensible space. Nonetheless what I will always remember is the wonderous boys bathroom with it being like a mermaid paradise. All the beautiful colored lights coming in through the stained glass windows and surrounded by the shells and sculptured walls. Apparently I wasn’t the only one in my family that didn’t want to leave that small room. My point being that it left an indelible impression on me for all time. That there can be manmade spaces that are as magical as the ones nature makes. Thank you!!!

  16. Angie Brenner says:

    What fun we’ve had together while writing your stories. The GIFT too is time…to be able to celebrate a life well lived and loved.
    You’ve inspired me to stay true one’s own gifts and to open to that which is still unknown.
    Much love,

  17. Evgeniya Golik says:

    Happy Birthday, dear James! Wishing you a great health, love, joy, creativity in every day! You are our forever inspiration and motivation! You are making this world a better place, more beautiful and kind! We love you with all our heart! Evgeniya, Cristo, Sofia

  18. Sofia, Evgeniya, and Cristobal Gonzalez says:

    Happy Birthday, Dear James!!! – Sofia, Genya, and I send you all our love, full of big hugs today in your day and forever because you are our magical friend, a source of inspiration to all of us. “Feliz Cumpleaños” – “S Dnem ​​Rozhdeniya”

  19. Karen & Doug Kirk says:

    🎉Happy, Happy 90th🎂 Birthday> James, Wishing YOU the Very Best in Every possible way❣️
    Thank you for being such a fantastic creative inspiration to us in so many ways & for so many wonderful years. Please know you’re in our thoughts & hearts. Karen & Doug

  20. Cristobal, Genya, and Sofia says:

    Happy Birthday, Dear James! Sofia, Genya, and I send you all our love full of big hugs, today in your day and forever because you are our magical friend, a source of inspiration to all of us. “Feliz Cumpleaños” – “s dnem ​​rozhdeniya”

  21. Cristobal, Genya, and Sofia says:

    Happy Birthday, Dear James!!! Sofia, Genya, and I send you all our love, full of big hugs today in your day and forever because you are our magical friend, a source of inspiration to all of us. “Feliz Cumpleaños” – “S Dnem ​​Rozhdeniya”

  22. Chuck & Jessie Meacham says:

    Happy birthday Jim! You have so blessed the lives of so many people with your kindness , your beautiful art and your giving back to the community with love. We have been so blessed to know you and hope we will see you still for many years. May you and Anne have a wonderful birthday today. Love Chuck & Jessie Meacham

  23. Colleen Baker says:

    Happy Birthday James! 90 very wonderful years you have blessed this world and made it a better place.

    I know neeting you and Anne made my world a better place. You taught me to see beauty, take the vacation and always appreciate the valuable friendships we are given.

    With sincere affection,
    Have a great birthday 🎂

    Colleen Baker
    (Librarian & friend)

  24. Benetta Wilson says:

    Happy 90th birthday, dear James. You have made the world a more beautiful place.
    Much love from Benetta and Barry Wilson

  25. Maria Lindley says:

    Happy 90th birthday, James! And looking forward to your continuing to fill the world with your beautiful creations & compassion, kindness and grace!
    All best wishes for health & happiness!

  26. Aileen and Richard Nowaczek says:

    Happy Birthday, Jim!
    Leenie and Richard send you a special greeting from Vienna—a walze in a baroque room with golden pillars and statues, on a slick parquet floor, to the whirling spunds of the Blue Danube Walze!
    With love and affection to you and Anne,
    Aileen and Richard Nowaczek

  27. Daniel Powell says:

    Dear James,
    Thanks for making the world a more beautiful place.

  28. Kevin Swanson says:

    Best Wishes for a Great Birthday. Congratulations on continuing your battle with Parkinson’s. Hoping you have many more years with us.

  29. David Latendresse says:

    Happy 90th James. I have great respect and appreciation for who you are as an artist and man. Thank you for the creations and beauty you have strived to bring forward into the world. You have touched, opened me up and ‘informed’ me in a way, place and space few have. Love and forever blessings to you. David

  30. Catherine OConnor says:

    Happy birthday, Mr. Hubble. I only recently discovered you but you’ve made a huge impact in bringing back my creative soul. Ive been inspired and rejuvenated by being at your beautiful home and doing hands on work with your skilled artisans. Thank you for continuing to create – your art speaks volumes.

  31. Loxi Hagthrop says:

    Hi Jim, Dave and I want to wish you a fabulous 90th
    Birthday with Anne, your family and friends. You have
    been a blessing in our life. We have so many wonderful memories. You have contributed so much
    to this world with your creativity, positive influence,
    Generosity and teaching us all the power of nature,
    beauty and giving. May you have many more years of
    Love,Happiness, Peace, Creativity and Beauty
    Warmly, Dave and Loxi Struckus Hagthrop

  32. Terry and Lorna Charbonneau says:

    Happy Birthday James. It is rare to find someone filled with such Vision, devotion and kindness. You are truly a treasure. May you continue to be blessed and live a long life.

  33. Loxi Hagthrop says:

    Hi Jim, Dave and I want to wish you a fabulous 90th
    Birthday with Anne and your family and friends.
    You have been a blessing in our life. We have so many
    wonderful memories. You have contributed so much
    to this world with your creativity, positive influence ,
    generosity and teaching us all the power of nature,
    beauty and giving. May you have many more years
    of Love, Happiness, Creativity and Beauty. Warmly
    Dave and Loxi Struckus Hagthrop

  34. Rebecca Biskaduros says:

    Happy Birthday James! Jay and I are so fortunate to call you a friend. You have influenced both our lives in such a beautifully artistic way. We both cherish our times working on the two parks (China, Mexico) and find so much inspiration in all the creations you share with the world. Thank you for always telling us beauty is important. Love, Jay + Becky Turton

  35. Loxi Hagthrop says:

    Hi Jim, Dave and I want to wish you a fabulous 90th
    Birthday with Anne, your family and friends. We have
    been blessed to have you in our life. We have so many
    wonderful memories. You have contributed so much
    to this world with your creativity, positive influence,
    and teaching us all the power of nature, beauty and
    giving. May you have many more years of Love,
    Happiness, creativity and beauty. Warmly, Dave and
    Loxi Struckus Hagthrop

  36. Loxi Hagthrop says:

    Hi Jim, Dave and I want to wish you a fabulous 90th
    Birthday with all your family and friends. We are so
    blessed to have you in our life. We have so many
    wonderful memories. You have contributed so much
    to our world with your creativity, positive messages
    and helping so many to find peace and beauty in
    their live. May you have many more years of Love,
    Happiness, Creativity and Beauty in your life.
    Warmly, Dave and Loxi Struckus Hagthrop

  37. Santa Ysabel Art Gallery: Annie Rowley, Steve Clugston, Sara Pickle says:

    Such beauty of yours Jim that we have – and have had – at Santa Ysabel Gallery for all these years.
    You have told us that it is a doorway. Beauty.
    So – we think that you are a doorway. But then – also a hub – that many of us connect to.
    Thank you for this.
    Happy 90 years Jim.

  38. Ingrid Coffin says:

    Happy birthday, James! You have influenced my life more beautifully and for a longer period of time than anyone else I know. Thank you for your focus on the splendor of the natural world, your heart centered architecture, your wonderful artwork and writings and your extraordinary family. You are an amazing person, and you and Anne have shared your extraordinary life with many, many people. Thank you to both of you! Thank you so much!

  39. Susan Hayward-Lindquist says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Hubbell, It seems like only yesterday ( 58 years maybe) that you were standing on my Mom’s (JoAnn Hayward) kitchen counter installing four amazing skylights in the ceiling. I asked, why one of the skylights was missing the copper spikes and you said something like ” it would be boring if they were all the same.” My Mom told that story often. I was so fortunate to grow up surrounded by your beautiful art! At Christmas time we would hang our stockings on your sculpture over the fireplace designed by Bruce Richards. My Mom always wondered if you might be offended. I think not. When she passed away I decided to sell the house. This was extremely hard for me. However when Deborah Szekely bought our home I knew it would be well cared for. Bless Deborah. I wish for you a joyous birthday with family and friends. My Mom is smiling down from heaven. Gratefully, Susie Hayward Lindquist

  40. Chuck Lang says:

    Happy Birthday Jim! Thanks so much for your inspirations and friendship. Words cannot describe how much you and Anne mean to Teri and I. Enjoy this new chapter in your life!
    Chuck and Teri Lang

  41. Jan and Jim Hawkins says:

    My memory is of sitting in a pile of burned and melted mosaic tiles, sorting them by their specific color and usability following the Cedar fire. Who knew there were dozens of shades of aqua, each to go into its own bucket? I also remember washing all the windows in your house(s) prior to a Father’s Day tour. Congratulations on surmounting the obstacles you have faced in your 90 years and bringing color, light, form, and clarity to the world.

  42. Karen Boyle says:

    James: you have an inspiration to me and many others–with your unique design concepts, skills at tile work, stained glass and architecture. Your works will live on for many to enjoy and wonder at. You adapt to nature rather than it adapting to you. It is your generous nature to share your homes with others and teach your skills. Thank you for being. Happy 90th!! 🎂🍨☺

  43. Abby McGuire says:


    You have touched my life unlike anyone else. Your search for beauty has inspired me to seek it for myself. Your gentle heart has shaped me. I will never forget the memories I made on Hubbell Hill and the home you gave us there. Thank you for your endless pursuit, without fear of shadow. Happy birthday! It is a joy to celebrate you.

    With love,

  44. Leslie Chase says:

    Happy Birthday James, May you live in beauty for the rest of your life. You continue to be an inspiration to me and ever so many others, Happy Birthday, James, and wishes for many, many more

  45. Marti Blair says:

    To our Precious Artist, Teacher, and Soul Inspiring James Hubbell, May your day and your year be filled with wonder, joy, and your love for family, friends, and making beautiful art. You have touched so many people in your life with those things that you have loved. You have brought many artists, creatives and soul seeking others together. My husband Graham and I have loved our opportunity to be in your company over many years . We focus on your art in our home and thank you for sharing your thoughts, and your time with us! You have formed a community of inspiration and beauty that will last for generations. Thank you, and lots of love! Happy Birthday!!! ❤️🌎🤩🌟🌺🥰🌠🎂😍💫

  46. Gigo Alampay says:

    Happy happy birthday, James!

    I feel so privileged to have known you, and been a small part in your building the Philippines’ contribution to your Pacific Rim Park Project. Alyssa and our kids have fond memories of our visit to Ilan-Lael. Thank you for opening and sharing your inspired and inspiring space with us!

    All the best from the Philippines!

  47. Carol and Peter says:

    A joyous Happy Birthday, Jim! While you should be receiving gifts from all of us, in fact you and Anne are the ones who are the most generous and constant givers of gifts – building community through art and beauty and outreach here in San Diego and around the world. We are so deeply grateful for the two of you and for your hearts of unstoppable warmth and overflowing creativity.

  48. Mayme Kratz says:

    Happiest birthday to you Jim!
    How lucky I was as a young women to grow up down the street from you and Anne and to work in your studio for all those years. I could not have had a better beginning to my life as an artist. Many days I smile thinking of all the work and beauty brought into the world. Thank you for giving me (with very little experience, but much determination) the opportunity to build all those windows. Much love to you and Anne.

  49. Richard Boynton says:

    Happy Birthday, Jim! So happy to know you. Working with Drew all those years and helping you once in a while – driving a shuttle at the open houses – laying stone under the arch on the last day of construction at Corazon y Mar Pacific Rim Park – sorting thru rubble to find stained glass art after the fire – office parties. And, thanks again for the wonderful wedding present. That stained glass piece is now on loan hanging in my friends’ window.

  50. Kay Levie says:

    The Staff and Volunteers at the Borrego Art Institute extend 90th birthday wishes to a wonderful man and artist, James Hubble. Jim, you are truly one of the great ones and dearly loved by so many. Here’s to many more birthdays…

  51. Milenko Matanovic says:

    May the Force be with you, today and forever.

  52. Michelle Serafini says:

    Happy birthday James! As I stroll through La Jolla, I am always delighted when I spot your work on a gate, a window, a door. Your art and creativity continue to inspire. The essence you bring to this world is truly a gift. Thank you and may you have a wonderful birthday!

  53. Teri McKenzie says:

    Happy Birthday James! Many years have past since our paths crossed in Portland, OR where you gave an inspiring and visionary presentation at a conference I organized where you called for us to expand our ideas about education and to consider the world as our classroom. Following that, you and Anne generously opened your house to me and my daughter Alana. We accompanied you to Mexico to spend the day volunteering at a school where you and the community were transforming the site with beautiful mosaics. Despite the years of silence between then and now, I have often thought of you and Anne. The beauty and generosity of heart that you have shared have surely touched the lives of thousands of people! I am grateful to have had a chance to make your acquaintance, and although our paths only crossed very briefly in time, I want you to know that you had a profound impact on my life. Thank you for that and blessings on the rest of your journey.

  54. Cathy Coverley says:

    Happy Birthday Jim!!

    You bring the joy of the mountain around you into all parts of our lives. Your wonderful art is always uplifting! May you continue for many more years to draw us to nature and to build art into our lives.

    Much love,
    Cathy Coverley

  55. Nancy Sunday says:

    Dear James…of our many trips to your Open Houses I treasure one memory above all. I had brought my 14 year old daughter, who had begun to take a real interest in various forms of art. I knew she would appreciate the home tour, and she did. But when we entered your workshop, you were there welcoming people. There were lots of people interested in speaking with you. But you spent a good 10-15 minutes with her, never taking your eyes off her. I will never forget it. You are a talented man, yes. But above all, you are a good man.

  56. Ann Jarmusch says:

    I want to make a $25 contribution in honor of James, but it’s not going through on FB. It freezes after I hit Credit Card. Please consider this my pledge and I’ll keep trying to charge it. If I still have trouble, I’ll call you Monday. Have a wonderful celebration tomorrow! (I hope my birthday message came through!)
    Thank you, Ann Jarmusch

  57. Sonya Sparks and Family says:

    Wishing you a wonderful 90th birthday, from the Sparks Family (and Sparks Gallery) and the Wilson Family. We are continually inspired by how you see the world and capture it in your craft.

  58. Cristina Garcia says:

    Dear Jim,
    Tom & I with the entire Filipino community laud you and wish you love, joy and peace on your 90th birthday!
    We had the privilege to know you with your wonderful park project in Palawan and treasure that connection.
    Continue to be a light to the world!
    Happy Birthday with love,
    Cristina & Tom Garcia

  59. Lowell Strombeck says:

    Happy Birthday James! Thank you for being the co-founder with me for the San Diego-Vladivostok Sister City Society. It was an honor to be a part of your support team in the building of the first Pacific Rim Park located in Vladivostok, Russia. Your sacred understanding that we can all work together to build our future together has been so inspiring to me! Thank you for being in my life!

  60. Tom + Vickie Lamb says:

    All the best on this special day // amazing 90 years — all our love always

  61. Ann Jarmusch says:

    Happiest of Birthdays to you, Jim! You are much more than one of my favorite people. You are a global treasure and an inspiration in art, beauty, compassion and love. Thank you for devoting your endless energy, talents and passion to making the world a magical and better place. Much love to you❣️Ann

  62. Chris and Mariko Gifford says:

    Happy Birthday James!! Thank you again for all the beautiful memories and inspirations.

    May this next decade be the most magical one for you!

    Love always,

    Chris and Mariko Gifford

  63. Caryn Brause says:

    Happy Birthday Jim ! I am so very grateful that I was able to spend two years in your studio learning daily about the integration of art, architecture, life, and community. It has influenced my work and my teaching in the many years since. I also feel so fortunate to have so many years of friendship and fun visits since then – in NYC and in Julian. Your energy and passion continue to be an inspiration!
    All the best on this special day!

  64. Charles Carruthers says:

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, James. You and your work has been an inspiration to me for many years. I think I first became aware of you and your work back in the ’70’s. Thank you for all your contributions to beauty and life!

  65. Virginia Hales says:

    Dear Jim, A very happy 90th birthday to you–you have brought such wonderful art and joy to so many people around the world–I think San Diego County should institute a “Jim Hubell Day” when everyone would be encouraged to go out into nature, create some art and share with as many as possible, just the way you have!
    Al and I remember very fondly hearing you speak at the Gamble House back in the late 1980’s, not knowing that we would soon move to La Jolla to live on Fern Glen with your dear friend, Liz Marshall, that wonderful patroness of the Arts in San Diego. We have so enjoyed following your work and life these last 30 or more years. Here’s to many more! Fondly, Al and Virginia Hales

  66. Paula hackman says:

    Happy Birthday Jim!

    It is a pleasure to be able to celebrate you.. You and Anne are truly an inspiration. You have left your mark on the world and made it better place thru using your creativity to make it more peaceful and beautiful.
    .Thank you, Paula

  67. Eloise Lau says:

    Happy Birthday James.

    Best Wishes from Dan and Eloise

    Thank you for designing such a wonderful house for us.
    Everyone who comes falls in love with it.

  68. Tony Kahn says:

    Happy Birthday James! I often think back on the time I spent working with you in 2013. Even though it was only for four months it left a huge impact on me. Happy 90th!

  69. Mary Ann and Ken Prue says:

    Happy Birthday, Jim!

    It has been a wonderful journey working with you and Anne these past 30 years. Never a unkind word, always a motivation to do better. You amaze us by how much you are always thinking of the next project and juggling all the projects going on at the same time .

    Wishing you and Anne happiness and courage with this new adventure you are both traveling.

    Love you,

  70. Kelsey says:

    Happy birthday! Thank you for sharing your beautiful vision with the world <3

  71. Jay Evarts and Susan Aurand says:

    HAPPY 90th James!🎉
    I still have fond memories of helping build the beautiful Volcan Mountain gate.
    You’re an inspiration to everyone who has in some way come to know you over the years.

  72. Sarah Jamieson says:

    Jim! Happy happy birthday!! Cheers to another year well spent changing people’s hearts and minds. We all care so much for you and Anne and appreciate everything you’ve done for us! Love to you and have a wonderful year to come.

  73. Carol Schloo-Wright and Ken Wright says:

    Happy Birthday, James,
    Ken and I wish you a wonderful day with Anne, family and friends. We value your friendship, admire you wisdom and are in awe of your creativity. But most of all we applaud your inspiration and generosity in sharing all that you have to offer. You are a “gem”.
    “Party on”!
    Ken Wright and Carol Schloo-Wright

  74. Mary Morgan says:

    Dear James,
    As I read the heartfelt expressions of love and gratitude so many have written before me, I knew they reflected my feeling also. I wanted to add also one of my favorite Indian sayings.

    Let the eagles soar and the deer leap with delight. Let people hold ceremonial dance and celebrate the goodness that your presence brings to the earth.

  75. Mary Morgan says:

    Dear James,
    As I read the heartfelt wishes expressed before me and the depth of that love for you, I felt I could not express it better . And so I turned to one of my favorite Indian sayings.

    “Let the eagles soar and the deer leap with delight. Let the people hold ceremonial dance and celebrate the goodness that your presence brings to the earth.”

    With affection,
    Mary Morgan

  76. Roslyn Line-Platzer says:

    Happy Birthday, James! Thank you and Anne for giving us all the reflections of the beauty you see in the world, and bringing peaceful connections (Love) between peoples. Much gratitude!
    Roslyn Line-Platzer

  77. Susan Childs says:

    Happy 90th, James. Although I had admired your architectural work for years I had been unaware of the other gifts you have given our world until Patti Fox and Marriane G encouraged me to come up to the Hill and help out several years ago. Mostly I helped darling Anne and gardened. It has been far too long since I have been there. Thank for your efforts to encourage peace and inclusiveness in our broken world through art and beauty and your wise words. What a life well lived❤️❤️

  78. Jennifer Spencer says:

    Happy Birthday Jim! Your work is universal, reaching out to all cultures and knitting us together as one. This is what I most admire of you and your work.
    I can remember taking your portrait many years ago for The Artist Portrait Project: A Memoir of 50 San Diego Artists. You were standing in one of the pavilions you had created down on Point Loma. At the time I noted that you had that far off look in your eyes, as though you were imagining a future. Indeed you were….one that you were creating. You have influenced many young artists in San Diego and across the border. This is a wonderful legacy.

    In remembrance of this time I would like to gift you a set of The Artist Portrait Books that you can hand out to your collectors, or admirers, as you wish.

    Best Wishes!

    Jennifer Spencer

  79. Alex, Angie and Baby Ariana says:

    Happy Birthday James! Thank you for inviting us to your beautiful home during our time in San Diego. It truly is a magical place. Sending you and the family love from Washington, DC.

    Enjoy your day!
    The Cruz Family

  80. Marla Stevens says:

    Happy 90th birthday dear James!
    I am so grateful for the many lessons you have shared with all of us–
    Fostering peace on the planet through beauty and love (Krasota spasyot mir–Dostoevsky–Beauty will save the world.)
    Sharing that beauty with children in Tijuana, Spanish Village, and young architecture students around the world.
    Welcoming uncertainly and adventure.
    Finding blessings even in loss.
    Walking softly on mother earth and honoring those who came before.
    May this special birthday bring you much love and virtual hugs from those who love and admire you.
    With gratefulness to you and Anne!

  81. Marla Stevens says:

    Happy 90th birthday dear James!
    I am so grateful for the many lessons you have shared with all of us–
    Fostering peace on the planet through beauty and love (Krasota spasyot mir–Dostoevsky–Beauty will save the world.)
    Sharing that beauty with children in Tijuana, Spanish Village, and young architecture students around the world.
    Welcoming uncertainly and adventure.
    Finding blessings even in loss.
    Walking softly on mother earth and honoring those who came before.
    May this special birthday bring you much love and virtual hugs from those who love and admire you.
    With gratefulness to you and Anne! Marla Stevens

  82. Tara A. Birnbaum says:

    Happy Birthday James! My mother and I visited your beautiful property Friday . So many wonderful, interesting, gorgeous structures, art , energy, and learning some about your life and work was uplifting after a year of losses. Thank you for all you have created, shared with so may people and the world. Many blessings to you on your birthday 🎉. Many more!

  83. Sheri Fox says:

    Happiest birthday to you Jim, and may I just thank you for being such an inspiration to me all these years! You continue to inspire me on my mosaic journey and I often ponder not just your beautiful works but your generosity of spirit and your willingness to share knowledge and encourage others to play and grow. I wish you and Anne all the best in your next adventure. Much love, Sheri

  84. Holly Yang and Joe Runnion says:

    Jim – Thank you for bringing so much joy, compassion, understanding, and wonder into the world and for sharing it with others. You and your family have touched our lives and our hearts, and we are better for it. Wishing you a very happy 90th birthday! We are grateful for you!

  85. Lucy Wold says:

    Happy 90th Birthday, James!
    It is one of the great Blessings of my life to know you and Anne. You have not only graced our lives with unparalleled Beauty but also demonstrated through how you have lived your own lives the way to live lives of giving, sharing, gentle understanding and teaching, and leaving the world a far better place than you found it.
    Infinite Blessings to you both in the time that remains.

  86. Brooks Mason says:

    Happy 90th birthday James and all the best for your “New Year” of sharing your love through your wonderful art. Thank you for making our place a better place. Cheers! Brooks

  87. Jan Bazdorf says:

    The very happiest 90th Birthday Jim! Thank you for all the love you gave to the students of Spencer Valley and the community of Julian for so many years. You are selfless with your time and talents. A master magician in our midst! Bless you, Love Jan (Morse) Bazdorf

  88. Jonathan Wiltshire says:

    In a world that knowingly or unknowingly thirsts for Beauty, you are a masterful conduit. And you have embellished it with warm, deep, and true insights. An honor to know you. Happy 90th birthday, Jim.

  89. Marilyn Allen says:

    Happy Birthday, Jim
    You are an inspiration to me.
    Love from Marilyn (Harder) Allen

  90. Trent and Dian White says:

    Happy Birthday to you James !
    You have truly changed the world , not only with your art , but with your generous heart . You bring sincere joy and happiness to all who have been fortunate enough to share your life . You , just like your art , are as unique and brilliant as the stars themselves . We see and admire your art so many places around San Diego , and we know that you have shared your creative mind with so many others all around the world . Thank you for the colors that you bring to our lives and our dreams . May your vision carry us all to places far beyond our imaginations !
    We look forward to seeing you , your lovely bride Anne , and sharing your life again soon .
    Trent and Diana White .

  91. Victoria Cabot says:

    Dear James, Whenever I find myself in a space you have envisioned and created, I am happy beyond measure. Thank you for the wonderment you have created. Wishing you many more productive years of creativity and love. Happiest of birthdays to you.

  92. Chuck Samples says:

    Happy birthday, James!
    I have been a fan of yours for 25 years, and enjoyed sharing Ilan-Lael tours and your art exhibits with friends.
    Most importantly for me, I own and live in the Davidson Residence on Alpine Creek. I lovingly call it The Shire, and have enjoyed it with friends, family and guests for eight years. It is a wrap-around comfort to the soul in living nature. Thank you for your abundant talents and glorious works, which will far outlive all of us, for future generations to enjoy as deeply!

  93. roger richmond says:

    James…i wonder if you remember me…you and Anne came to our home in Maine and you gave a wondrous talk at my university in Augusta as part of the UMA architecture lecture series…we joyously returned the experience, and visited you with lobsters in our hands for a great dinner at your amazing and inspiring home in California…staying there was a life’s highlight and will always be remembered

    you have always been my major aesthetic hero in all that i do and my memories of your visit and artful wisdom will last a lifetime…

    experiencing 90 orbits of our piece of dirt around the sun is a notable, noble and a magnificent achievement for your creative spirit that has touched so many lives and graced our world with the beauty you and others working with your design concepts have manifested in so many places…

    the world is certainly a much finger place for your continuing presence in it…the most wonderful and well deserved HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you from Maine…
    Roger and Beverly Richmond

  94. David and Rebecca Vigil says:

    Happy birthday, James
    We hope you have a lovely time celebrating your 90 years. We are so blessed to have a home where you have installed such inspiring and beautiful pieces – our breathtaking fountain with “the lady” and magnificent tile work and artful iron work. Most especially our stained glass doors that grace the wine cellar. We think of you often and wish you well in the coming year!

  95. Gina Farkas says:

    Happy Birthday Jim! You are a source of inspiration, reminding us that art is life and life is art. Thank you for all the wisdom and beauty you’ve shared with me.

    Warmest wishes to you on this momentous rotation around the sun!

    -Gina Farkas

  96. Joy Decena says:

    Happy birthday James! Thank you for giving us many years of beauty and joy.

  97. Marianne Gerdes says:

    Dear Jim, I’m so happy for you! May your talent go forth for all eternity. Your friend and admirer, Lael Jackson

    Comment submitted by Ilan-lael Office

  98. Marianne Gerdes says:

    Happy Birthday James. I turned 90 on 9/29. Have a wonderful day Miriam Yoder m no

    Comment submitted by Ilan-Lael office

  99. Marianne Gerdes says:

    Happy Birthday, James,
    Its been over 40 years since you helped welcome me to the southern California artists’ community. Thanks for all you’ve done for the world and for my family. Best to Anne, as well.
    Your friend,
    Peter Mitten

    comment submitted by Ilan-Lael Office

  100. Marianne Gerdes says:

    Dear Jim:
    Fran and I are thinking of you on this special day, your 90th birthday. We are still in Wyoming everyday able to appreciate your creativity via the beautiful and meaningful glass windows you designed and made for our new cabin. Indeed an everyday experience, thank you for your generous effort to make our lives more meaningful. And all best wishes for you and Ann.
    Ron and Fran

    comment submitted by Ilan-Lael Office

  101. Victoria Lea Chapman says:

    Happy Birthday, Birthday Buddy!
    Thank you for the beautiful magical inclusive spiritual fun whimsical open inviting humble healing spirit that you have woven into this fractured world. Your awe inspiring work sparkles in my home and reminds me of the wonderful creations you have shared. Blessings and love, Victoria

  102. Victoria says:

    You make the world a better place simply by being in it. Thank you for your inspiring vision, generous heart and spirit of wonderment. Whenever I visit something you have created, I am filled with wonderment and renewed energy for living. Wishing you a wonderful birthday- worthy of a WORLD celebration. Warmest wishes for years more of work and giving.

  103. Bennet &Karan Greenwald says:

    Happy Birthday Jim,
    Thank you again for an artist’s life dedicated to presenting beauty in objects calling out for serenity and dignity and peace in contrast to a world so often of chaos and brutality.
    With love from Bennet & Karan Greenwald

  104. Sarah Caroline says:

    Happy Solar Circuit, Jim, and THANK YOU!! Your magic Sea Ranch Chapel has always been a highlight view on my many jaunts up Highway 1. But during the Pandemic summer of 2020 I actually stopped and peeked in the windows with a new Love to whom, within hours of visiting the Chapel, I was engaged to marry! And marry we did, on 4.3.21 *in your magical chapel*. There could not have been a more beautiful space to evince the beauty of our partnership and we are ever grateful! Sarah & Stephen

  105. Nancee and Stephen says:

    Wishing you health and strength,
    happy surprises, and lovely sunsets,
    poetry and beauty every day,
    and peace, that surpasses understanding.
    love and thanks always,

  106. Sandra Rees says:

    Wishing you every Blessing James on your 90 years of AWESOME

  107. Sandra Rae Rees says:

    Happy Birthday James

    John and I have been so happy getting to know you, your work especially in San Diego and the foundation through my friends Nancee and Stephen Cline.

    Wishing you every blessing on your 90th Birthday!

    Sandra and John Rees

  108. sue says:

    Happiest of Birthdays Jim!

  109. Elaine Bisconti says:

    May you and family celebrate with joy………Elaine

  110. Tom Leech says:

    Hi James H, and congrats for your Happy Birthday day. Wow, I knew you when you were only a kid of perhaps 40 years old. Have an enjoyable day with your lovely wife Anne.

    Tom Leech

  111. Alison Cummings says:

    Whenever life’s chatter becomes just noise, I know I can go to my James Hubbell shelf and read a book, watch an uplifting video, or just sip tea from my orange cup out in nature. Jim, you’ve added “magic” to my life. I am grateful for your inspiration.


  112. Susa Childs says:

    Happy Birthday James/Jim- Anne always calls you James!! I so enjoyed the days I spent several years ago helping with gardening in the company of Patti F and Marriane. It has been too long since I have helped out personally. Your gifts of leadership in the world of using art as a bridge and your creative work itself is something that is timeless. Thank you.

  113. Carol Huntsman says:

    90 years of AWESOME

  114. Patsy Brierley says:

    Happy birthday, Jim! I have loved your work at Camp Stevens since I first saw the stained glass in the Blum Lodge. When the opportunity was presented to assist with Bergstrom Lodge I jumped at the chance to “buy” the fire pit. I love it! Holding a part of a camp board retreat at your house a while back was an amazing experience. What a talent you have that is shared so widely. All the best in the days to come. Patsy Brierley

  115. Beth McCormick says:

    Dear Jim and Anne,
    You are such role models of lives well-lived, with never-ending creative juices flowing to this day. Thank you for the inspiration the Onion House has bestowed to all over the past almost-60 years!

  116. John D. Henderson, architect says:

    Happy Birthday Jim — remembering all the exciting time working together at Dealwie, Macy & Henderson, AIA and Macy, Henderson & Cole, AIA! Happy times and wonderful creations!!

  117. Carl Robinson says:

    Happy Birthday James! I will be forever grateful for the day you answered my letter about the possibility of working for you. The year (1978) or so I spent working with you saved my life in ways that are hard to explain. To this day I remember fondly some words of wisdom you gave me while I was trying to lay some tile on the floor of the Triton restaurant: “Carl… don’t look so closely.” I can’t tell you how many times I repeat that to myself. My very best to you and Anne!! With love and thanks… Carl

  118. Leslie Duval says:

    Dear Jim,
    You have enriched our lives boundlessly and our spirits are happily connected for eternity.
    Joyful Birthday wishes dear friend,
    Julian and Leslie Duval

  119. Ernest Walter Sullivan says:

    Dear Mr. Hubbell,

    I have loved your work for 50 years. You are the most creative architect whose work I know, and I am blessed to live in San Diego where I can visit so many of your works. Thanks for all you have done and for what is to come.

    Ernest Sullivan

  120. Julie Squires says:

    Dear James (and Anne),

    Happy Birthday! You and Anne changed my life 45 years ago with your vision, beauty, art, hospitality and friendship. I remember feeling, “There IS someone else like me in the world!” A shared vision.

    I love what you said in the above message, James: “…and just listen, seemingly insignificant things can change everything.” So true! And what a beautiful way to live in the Here and Now.

    With much love and gratitude to you and Anne, dear James, on your birthday. Cheers, Julie Squires, for Michael, too.

  121. Marsha Pellar says:

    Happy 90th Birthday James. My parents Marshall & Harriet Pellar & Family had a home in Descanso near your home. We loved visiting your home when it was open on Fathers Day. Love the pool & your Vision. Our entire family has been a fan for many many years. My Father opened Su Casa Restaurant in La Jolla back in 1967. I miss the Posidon restaurant that you had your work of art installed. I would go there while living in Solana Beach. There was a sculpture & Home Tour I went with my Mother & Sister who is an Architect that showcased a guest house you designed in La Jolla. You are such an inspiration to the San Diego Community! Thank You.

    Marsha Pellar Berkshire Hathaway Homes Services California Properties La Jolla 858-382-3222 DRE#01239460

  122. Lori King says:

    Happy Birthday Jim! It is wonderful to see your art and the beauty you display in your life! Thank you for sharing it with the world!

  123. Vicki Bergstrom says:

    Happy Birthday Jim! I am so grateful for all the ways you and your artistic spirit have touched my life and for your friendship and inspiration. Love, Vicki

  124. Jan Ryder says:

    Dear Jim..I have toured your complex three times and it brings me so much joy. I was fortunate to have a picture taken w you two years ago!

    Have a wonderful birthday w family and friends. YOU are loved by many!!

  125. Diane Stewart says:

    Dear Uncle, wishing you the happiest celebration of this landmark birthday! Thank you for the good advice and space you’ve given me over the years. Magical! Love and beauty always ❤️

  126. Julia Ritzo says:

    Fond memories of all the years we folk danced together with you and Anne and our Julian friends @ Camp Stevens and visits to your home as it evolved into an iconic masterpiece!

  127. kim k says:

    The day I opened From the Earth Up in 1978, I knew I had lucked into magic, brilliance and inspiration on a mega scale. Years later, to step onto/into Ilan-Lael, at an open house, was pure enchantment. Thank you so much for making the earth a better place and happy birthday!

  128. Ana Marie Velasco says:

    Dear Jim :
    I had the pleasure to walk through your Garden, cottages , workshops and sculptures.
    What a gift to the senses and the soul!!!Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Keep on going !!!
    Love 💕,
    Ana Marie Velasco
    Escondido Public Art Commisioner

  129. Kevin Patrick says:

    Happy Birthday, Jim!

    It has been terrific to be able to work with you as you created some beautiful art for my new home in the Del Mar Terrace – Wonderfully designed, no less by your son, Drew!

    A quote that has always inspired me in my profession of teaching certainly applies to you:
    “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”

    Take care!

    Kevin Patrick

  130. Janet Bartel says:

    Dear Jim,
    As I walk the grounds of Mission San Diego de Alcalá, your 20 + works of spiritually enriching creations, always inspire me. It is a testimony to your continually well-led life which will always touch the minds and hearts of all who visit the mission. We are so appreciative of everything that you have done and continue to do. Love to you and Anne from your many devoted admirers.

  131. Joshua Rasmussen says:

    Happy Birthday Jim!
    You are, and always have been an inspiration. I’ve been absolutely touched by the opportunity to share your garden and home with you and I will remember it for the rest of my life. The gift of your and Anne’s mentorship will warm me and encourage artistic thoughts through all of my endeavors.
    I thank you with love and friendship. I miss the afternoons on you mountaintop and hope you find warmth and happiness wherever you find yourself.
    Thank you, for the places you have opened in my heart and creative soul,
    Farmer Josh

  132. Sergio Lub says:

    Dearest James.
    You are the most creative person I ever met.
    It was a joy and a great honor to work with you.
    Sergio Lub

  133. Jim Rorabaugh says:

    “Happy Birthday Jim !!! ….I have the great memory of working with you on your project here on Orcas Island. I mentioned to you how impressed I was with the brickwork on that restaurant project down on Mission Beach. You then proceeded to tell me that you had hired a small crew to do the work. You said when you went down to check the progress, the crew was sitting on their pickup drinking beer. “What did you think about it all ?”I asked. “Oh I just went off and bought them more beer.” you replied !!! Wishing you all the best Jim !!!

  134. Karen Lare says:

    Happy Birthday James – thank you for making the world we live in even more beautiful by bring shapes and color to life with your art. Hats off to you…..

    Karen & Eddie Lare

  135. Debra Lee Baldwin says:

    Happy birthday, James! I think of Colonia Esperanza, and how you wanted impoverished children, whom their parents saw as merely inconvenient, to understand how special they were. You immersed them in swirls of mosaic, color, and forms, thereby opening their eyes to the potential of art in three dimensions. By changing the perspective of those students, your creativity and generosity continue to bless future generations. I’m grateful for how you’ve influenced my own awareness, for 30+ years, on how dwellings impact their inhabitants and surroundings.

  136. Dick Miller says:

    Thank you for allowing me to work at Ilan Lael. It’s been a great blessing to discover my own creativity. Thank you also, for the enduring art we all enjoy in San Diego and the world. Happy birthday.

  137. Linda Kallas says:

    You continue to inspire us in so many ways. Thank you for all you do and all you have done for this world, both for the people and the planet. Have the happiest of birthdays.

  138. Meecy says:


  139. Nancy says:

    You have blessed my life in ways you may not have known. I used to watch you and there was something in your way that always drew me to you…. even though I was barely 7 years old and you were an adult. It was like I was recognizing something in you that I wanted to understand. Although we rarely spoke, I watched as your silence was being turned into something of beauty… usually on a pad of paper. I still can recall those images of you drawing as Anne led us in Folk dances. I had no idea how impactful those images were for me …. I can still “see” them some 53 years later! When I was much older and understood that you were an artist and actually saw your art pieces…I was awestruck. Although it has been a deep sadness to me that I never got to join you for art in the hills…. You have deeply touched my heart. I have wished thousands of times that you could have taken me on your journey of beauty…. I’m sure I would have asked way to many questions but when life gets tough, I think of your life inspired by beauty and how you are dancing with the mystery and I try to remember …. We all have that opportunity … and I choose that…. Even if briefly! Thank you and happy birthday James!

  140. Annie Fagan says:

    Happy Birthday Jim ! I am so very grateful for our years of life drawing, for the many beautiful windows that you let me build and sometimes install, for the joy and wonder, for the grace and Beauty…Happy Birthday and Cheers dear friend.
    Love, Annie
    Also love to Anne and “The Boys”
    Have a great celebration 🎨💕

  141. avril says:

    I have not yet visited the hubbell house but as a fellow artist I admire your creative spirit.You beat to your own drum; are at one with nature and no project is too big or challenging for you to complete. Yesherkoach !!
    Happy Birthday in good health

  142. Matt Crowley says:

    Cheers to the many lives you have directly added joy and wonder. Happy birthday to someone that has made me feel joy and wonder from your art and actions.

    All the best,
    Matt Crowley

  143. Diddo Clark says:

    Happy birthday, Jim! And many more! I love the John Durant photo of you. John Durant and I were undergraduates together at UCSD. Salud! love, Diddo Clark.

  144. Theresa French says:

    Blessings for a wonderful birthday and thank you for sharing your brilliant talent and curious mind with all of us. You have shown us how to meld nature and imagination together in a spectacular and mystical way leaving behind a trail of wonder and awe! I will forever be inspired and grateful for your vision of life and respect for the beauty we so often take for granted! Happiness always!!

  145. MaryBeth Burnham says:

    James (& Anne,)
    You are truly a mentor extorenaire!
    What an honor to be a neighbor, friend & supporter of the beauty you see, create, share & promote in this world, and beyond.
    To witness the joy of giving, sharing, creating by your side over the years, I cherish your friendship, knowledge, leadership & product, to know you leave the manual of your knowledge behind, for future generations!
    This is what we all need, to pass on to future generations.
    Thank you James (& Anne) for sharing your love, spirit, knowledge, friendship, community & family with Us all.
    MaryBeth Burnham
    Happy Bday my Friend, I love you 😍

  146. MS says:

    Happy birthday James, your creations are magical!

  147. Patty Howell says:

    Happy 90th Birthday, James, you very dear person!

    You are very special to me. I am so glad to know you and to have you in my life, and to have shared a wonderful collaboration with you for many years that has touched many lives.

    You have taught me a lot, as you have done with a great many people.

    I hope you feel proud of what you have done with your life. I think it’s clearly exemplary, not just with your marvelous art about which thousands of people marvel, as well as with the ways you have opened doors and hearts and minds around the world, the love you have created within your family, and your integrity as a human being.

    I love you and will always hold you in my heart.


  148. Greg Smith says:

    Happy birthday James! You’re truly an inspiration. The world is a better place with you in it. Cheers to many more birthdays!

    Best regards, Greg

  149. Rebecca Morales says:

    My dear friend, James, wishing you a most wonderful birthday. I would like to share a saying I found years ago because all your life you’ve drawn a larger circle: “He drew a circle and shut me out. Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But love and I had the wit to win. We drew a circle and took him in.” Thank you for the love you’ve shared through your art, poetry and example, and for drawing a circle big enough to bring all of us in!

  150. Julie Radford says:


    WOW…you made it. We seem to have longevity in our genes, with a few exceptions. I hope you are happy.


    Cousin Julie Radford

  151. Anita Feldman says:

    Wishing you the very best of days and all the lovely unexpected things that can happen to make it truly memorable. Warm wishes always X

  152. Laurel Costa says:

    Happy Birthday Jim! I am deeply grateful for all of the skills I have learned from you over the last 5 years, but mostly I am grateful for the fact that you have shown me to never be afraid, to try new things and to take a chance. I recently attempted watercolors for the first time and I could hear your voice saying “just do it, don’t be afraid” Thank You!

  153. Peter T. Jensen says:

    Happy birthday James! You create art we can live in. You create spaces that become sculptures. And all around us, the hand of nature guides you — and all of us — toward a world where art and nature become one. You both live a Zen-koan life, intellectual to the max, and yet always childlike in your sense of wonder. Long before the word “organic” became most associated with food, you raised your rooftops on a hill in Santa Ysabel that we have been honored to visit many times over the years, thanks to your and Anne’s generous open-door Open Houses that led us into your world of mystery, wonder, and serendipity. You have been an inspiration to me for 41 years!

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