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“Seeking Beauty: Jim’s Gift” is the new book about James Hubbells life and work! In honor of James turning 90, this signed first edition is your gift when you make a $90 donation to Ilan-Lael this month. Make a donation of $250 and recieve the new book and a limited edition of giclée of “Cobalt Sky.”

And, if you haven’t already, make sure to wish James  Happy Birthday!

A message from James to you…

“Few of us, near the end of a life, get the opportunity to reflect back and try to understand it. To think about the gates walked through or maybe even the gates pushed through. Life is completely a mystery, or better yet, magic. For me, it comes down to trusting life and acting as if that trust was real, and believing if we approach each day without fear and just listen, seemingly insignificant things can change everything.” —JTH