“It has been an amazing privilege and opportunity working at the Hubbell Studio! I came here eager to learn and I am still amazed at all that I have been able to do here. From mosaic, stained glass, and leather carving, to jewelry making and bronze casting; the list seems never-ending.”

—Ilan-lael Intern

Young people, particularly college-aged students, are some of our favorite people at Ilan-Lael. They come to us from near and far: impressionable, optimistic and enthusiastic for what life has to offer. They arrive here a little surprised by the surroundings and not knowing what to expect.

But it doesn’t take long for Ilan-Lael’s unique, creative and nurturing atmosphere to open minds and unlock skills and perspective they never knew they possessed.

Enticed out of a classroom and onto a work site, they hammer nails on the new Foundation Center or pound iron in the forge. They cut a delicate stained glass design. They assemble the puzzle pieces of a mosaic. The skills of art, architecture, construction and collaboration are all in a day’s work for Ilan-Lael Foundation and Hubbell Studio student interns. And the experience is life-changing.

“We often seek comfort in routine, to the point where we hunger for the spontaneous. If people only stopped to examine the growth patterns of vibrant flowers or sinuous vines, even the loneliest clover, they would see that the smallest corners of life are full of beauty. If everyone had the opportunity to see what I’ve seen here, and heard what I have heard here at Ilan-Lael, and to have learned from a man like James, perhaps they would see out of the same periscope. And that periscope reveals…that beauty is everywhere.” —Ilan-lael Intern

Interested in an internship at Ilan-Lael? Contact us for more information by emailing infoREMOVE@ilan-laelfoundationREMOVE.org