Ilan-Lael Center

We take thinking outside the box to a whole new level

“I have always wanted the center to be used for important work. Bridging differences, dreaming big dreams, or inspiring people through art and nature.”

—James Hubbell

The world is an interesting place. People are looking for answers. Let Ilan-Lael be part of the solution.

The Ilan-Lael Center offers a space like no other for your next business or professional gathering. Architecture and art in a tranquil and peaceful setting facilitate humane and harmonious interaction. Meetings here can include art classes and trail hikes as well as space for conversations. We have indoor and outdoor dining areas, abundant nature, and inspiring views. There’s room to dance, perform, and plenty of places to be quiet and reflective.

Call us to schedule your event.

Central courtyard and buildings of the newly completed Ilan-Lael Center. Photo by John Durant