We are so thankful to the frontline healthcare workers who have helped us get through this pandemic. For this past year we have isolated in our homes, isolated behind masks, and for many, isolated our emotions.

Even though it seems like the pandemic is showing signs of lessening, and soon to be behind us, for many the pain and trauma is just beginning to surface. This is why we’ve joined forces with the San Diego County Medical Society to offer our newest program Healing the Healers, a day of retreat to relax, restore, and heal amidst the art and nature that is unique to Ilan-Lael Foundation—all free and available to our areas COVID medical staff. Our goal is to provide one retreat a month for the remainder of 2021, or as long as needed.

Here’s your chance to say “Thank you!”

Leave your message of “thanks and gratitude” to our COVID healthcare medical staff below. We’ll know it will be deeply appreciated when presented at our next “Healing the Healers” retreat! (Your comments may take up to 24 hours to post below, so we thank you for your patience.)

After you send your message, we hope you will support the “Healing the Healers” retreats at Ilan-Lael. Help us reach our goal of funding one retreat each month for the rest of this year!

DONATE directly to this project.


11 responses to “say “thank you” to our healers!”

  1. Drew Hubbell says:

    Thanks so much for all you give back to keep us well!

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