We are so thankful to the frontline healthcare workers who have helped us get through this pandemic. For this past year we have isolated in our homes, isolated behind masks, and for many, isolated our emotions.

Even though it seems like the pandemic is showing signs of lessening, and soon to be behind us, for many the pain and trauma is just beginning to surface. This is why we’ve joined forces with the San Diego County Medical Society to offer our newest program Healing the Healers, a day of retreat to relax, restore, and heal amidst the art and nature that is unique to Ilan-Lael Foundation—all free and available to our areas COVID medical staff. Our goal is to provide one retreat a month for the remainder of 2021, or as long as needed.

Here’s your chance to say “Thank you!”

Leave your message of “thanks and gratitude” to our COVID healthcare medical staff below. We’ll know it will be deeply appreciated when presented at our next “Healing the Healers” retreat! (Your comments may take up to 24 hours to post below, so we thank you for your patience.)

After you send your message, we hope you will support the “Healing the Healers” retreats at Ilan-Lael. Help us reach our goal of funding one retreat each month for the rest of this year!

DONATE directly to this project.


21 responses to “say “thank you” to our healers!”

  1. Brenton says:

    Hi ilanlaelfoundation.org owner, Your posts are always well-supported and evidence-based.

  2. Ernesto says:

    Dear ilanlaelfoundation.org webmaster, Thanks for the well-researched post!

  3. Wilmer says:

    Hello ilanlaelfoundation.org admin, Great job!

  4. Nicolas says:

    Hello ilanlaelfoundation.org owner, Your posts are always insightful and valuable.

  5. To the ilanlaelfoundation.org webmaster, You always provide helpful information.

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  8. Arleen says:

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  11. Drew Hubbell says:

    Thanks so much for all you give back to keep us well!

  12. Christy Klincewicz says:

    Thank you all for taking up the work and challenge of these times to care for those suffering from Covid-19. Thank you for not hiding behind the “mask” of fear but facing it with compassion, dignity, courage and love.

  13. Lulu Smith says:

    Thank you so much for all of your beautiful art and inspiration!

  14. Sally Hubbell says:

    Thank you for EVERYTHING you do!💜

  15. TD says:

    To All the Amazing Healers/Rockstars,

    Your ability to push on, day after day…never knowing what tomorrow will bring…never knowing what is coming through those doors…never knowing how much danger you are bringing to yourself and your loved ones at home…yet never giving up on your patients – your strength is so inspiring.

    All will settle soon enough, as nature runs its course and vaccines begin to take effect. And as the world opens back up, we will all try to move on and find our way back to life as it once was. While you will never be given the massive amount of praise and thank you’s that you truly deserve, I hope you take this moment to hear that you will always have a special spot in our hearts and your efforts will never be forgotten.

    Now is your time to heal. Let out the pain, the fear, the sadness, the frustrations, the tears and just breathe.

    With Love and Thanks,

    A Grateful Neighbor

  16. George Greer says:

    Thanks for all you do for all of us.

  17. Barbara Holm says:

    Words can barely express the gratitude I have for all health care people that have faced such tremendous risk to help those of us that have been stricken with COVID 19 . Thank You for your constant dedication to this horrific pandemic.

  18. Lori King says:

    Thank you for your great compassion and kindness! You have made a difference to so many more lives than you will ever know, thank you so much!

  19. Susanne Sklar says:

    Dear Healers,

    You save lives. May the beauty of Ilan Lael be in and with you every day, upholding you. Thank you for all that you do. You are human angels.

  20. Laurel Costa says:

    You are amazing, You are brave, You are strong and we appreciate you for caring for us when we need it the most! Thank you to all Health Care workers!

  21. Peter Jensen says:

    Dear Healers,
    Thank you for your service to your many patients, and your participation in this retreat. At a time when most people have the urge to stay home when they have a moment “off,” you ventured into nature and a very special place to discover something new about yourselves and the natural world that still exists in San Diego. You are the ones who help us sleep at night knowing our loved ones are safe and in good hands when they need you.

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