Your total years on this Big Blue Marble may be a secret, but the beauty and inspiration you’ve given us for lo these many years are well-known — and equally immeasurable.

We wish you a most-splendid day… and please know that every one of us has been inspired by your and Anne’s beautiful lives. May the strength of Volcan be with you on this day and many years to come! And…if you care to…Help us surprise James with funds for THE HUBBELL ARCHIVE PROJECT. We know he’ll be very appreciative.   >> You can make your gift here

Leave a birthday message for James below. We’ll present them to him on October 23rd with a card containing all your birthday greetings. And don’t forget, shhhh…it’s a surprise!

The above photo was taken a year ago after the performance of “Queen Calafia’s Pilgrimage” when students from Spencer Valley School unfurled a “Happy Birthday” banner for James.

205 responses to “Happy Birthday James!”

  1. Teo says:

    Among the trees and sky, colors change with every step.
    The moment receives the wonder, humility, gratitude……….
    The expansiveness continues, life’s unfolding in front of us……. alongside us… around us, above us, below….
    This is too grand to make this, Nature, the Divine did it just right.

    Joyful, elated and in awe…… there lands a sense of peace and ease…….
    Sitting into the refrain of needing to make this encompassing beauty that surrounds us.
    It is here, we are here………..
    Resting, breathing……….
    Life is beautiful. The Divine is smiling with us.
    From this place, life’s song is sung
    And life’s dance begun.

  2. Sharon Wade says:

    Happy Birthday James, who lives at one of the most beautiful places “Between Heaven and Earth”!!
    Winston and Sharon Wade
    Rancho Bernardo, CA

  3. Karen Rohrbaugh says:

    Happy Birthday Dear James! I hope you have a fantastic day, week and year. May all the love, kindness, wonder and joy you put into the world, come back to you today. Have a blessed, blissful day!
    Love and gratitude,

    Karen & Janis

  4. Julie Hampton says:

    Almost late to the birthday party! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday James! Your art in my home inspires me everyday. The work you have created in the world brings so much peace and happiness to everyone who encounters it. My love and gratitude to you and your whole family!

  5. Kyle says:

    Hi Jim,

    In these crazy times, I guess this is how we have a party – online. Have a great birthday and I hope to get out there soon to see you and Anne.


  6. Asha says:

    Happy Birthday Jim. Your work is AMAZING. My family and I flipped through the 4 walls coloring book. It was super great and creative. Left me wondering what the inspiration was. I am currently coloring the one with the man sitting on the creature with the rain cloud. Have a great day🍀

  7. Loretta Brenner says:

    Happy Birthday James! Thank you for all the goodness and beauty you bring to the world!
    Much love from, Loretta, Jackson, and David (from Angie’s sister, Loretta in Oregon)

  8. leslie redick says:

    Happy Birthday to you from The Sea Ranch where your beautiful chapel continues to give, whether it is a lone flute player or a gang for a wedding….Thank you.

  9. Amy Wilhite says:

    Happy Birthday, James!
    Thank you for your commitment to creating beauty!
    You are an inspiration.

    Much love,

    Amy Wilhite
    Bandon, OR
    (formerly of San Diego, CA)

  10. Annie Dover says:

    Happy Birthday James: the collector of ideas, beauty, touch, empathy, sound and goodness; the giver of ideas, beauty, touch, empathy, sound and goodness. Another year; another giving and another receiving.
    Annie Dover

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