Your total years on this Big Blue Marble may be a secret, but the beauty and inspiration you’ve given us for lo these many years are well-known — and equally immeasurable.

We wish you a most-splendid day… and please know that every one of us has been inspired by your and Anne’s beautiful lives. May the strength of Volcan be with you on this day and many years to come! And…if you care to…Help us surprise James with funds for THE HUBBELL ARCHIVE PROJECT. We know he’ll be very appreciative.   >> You can make your gift here

Leave a birthday message for James below. We’ll present them to him on October 23rd with a card containing all your birthday greetings. And don’t forget, shhhh…it’s a surprise!

The above photo was taken a year ago after the performance of “Queen Calafia’s Pilgrimage” when students from Spencer Valley School unfurled a “Happy Birthday” banner for James.

202 responses to “Happy Birthday James!”

  1. Aileen and Richard Nowaczek says:

    The Pacific Rim Park of the Lower Rhine Valley. Surrounded by your sculptures and paintings, we immerse ourselves in music, which connects us all. Thank you for your creative devotion. Happy Birthday!
    Aileen and Richard Nowaczek

  2. Molla Braunstein says:

    Happy Birthday to you, the most inspirational person and artist! I have been working with fractals for the last several years and because I watched a video about you I want to do so many other things. Thank you for your gifts of making this world a more beautiful place. Molla,

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