Anne and I wish to thank you for being our friends and part of our expanding family.

One thing we have learned is that you don’t do anything alone and everyone and everything is important. Also, that one should be deeply thankful for the beauty in the world. I know this is a time to celebrate being 91 years old and my greatest wish is for you to have a meaningful year full of hope and happiness, too.

As I prepare to take this 91st journey around our beautiful star, I invite you to help us celebrate by sharing your thoughts and perhaps an experience where you felt a deep connection between nature and the cosmos. Tell us of a wonderful moment when you touched some stardust!.

These connections make nature so incredible. Let it inform us how to design, live and think.

And never lose sight of the stardust!

P.S. To show our appreciation, we’ve created some special gifts for you when you support Ilan-Lael this month. Check them out here.

TOP PHOTO: James and Anne Hubbel by Laurel Costa

69 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES!”

  1. puravive says:

    Your blog layout is truly remarkable; for how long have you been blogging? You have made the act of blogging appear effortless. Both the appearance and the content of your website are impeccable.

  2. Vivian Blackstone says:

    My computer just was cleaned and you popped up, I want you both to know I keep you in my prayers all the time, and at 95 strong, send you both lot so f love and light.
    Looking froward to seeing you again in the life. May you both continue to prosper and enjoy yourlove of life and each other.
    namaste, and may God’s blessings always be with, Vivian and family

  3. ilanlaeloffice says:

    A Happy Joyful Birthday, young man!
    Celebrating your 91st run around the sun! Peace be upon you and all you love.

  4. ilanlaeloffice says:

    Dear Jim and Anne, Best wishes for happy birthdays and HEALTHY years!
    with love from Diddo Ruth Clark (Ruth Clark Radakovich lives on in me.)

  5. ilanlaeloffice says:

    Congratulations! I just turned 84, and a friend just turned 122!

    Stay well and happy!!!!

  6. ilanlaeloffice says:


    You have done so much for this world of people through your talent in the arts and architecture—
    Congratulations on a life lived so well!

    Al and Virginia Hales, La Jolla

  7. ilanlaeloffice says:

    Happy Birthday Jim!!

    Vivien & Ben U

  8. ilanlaeloffice says:

    Happy birthday. So sorry we will miss your celebration. We will be in Mexico.
    Peter & Judy Corrente

  9. ilanlaeloffice says:

    Jim –
    A very happy birthday from me, and through me from your old friend Quent!

  10. Marjorie Coburn says:

    Dear Jim,
    What a treasure my time with you and Anne has been. I have learned so much from your approach to life and how to enjoy and see the treasures in the moment you are in. Thank you for being you and sharing yourself in your art and being.
    Midge Coburn

  11. Teo Briseño says:

    Aloha Jim and Anne,
    As the tides ocillate, our home planet rotate and again, night break.

    Leaves illuminate, get fueled by our central stars, light.

    Breathing in,
    the plants exhale……here in the garden, the stillness and quiet, only broke by birds and wind waving breeze.

    Sitting…..alas….. almost floating by the peace herein, the garden telling of our kin, the elements and cycles.

    As back in the land of Kaua’i, the ancient mama garden isle……when before the daily land care begun,
    reverence, adoration and humble respect was offered to her. While sustaining this intent, it wouldn’t be long before she received it and with warmhearted affirmation…. blessed my day in her ways which bring moisture to the eyes and a flush of infinite Earthly togetherness is experienced.

    This infinite Earthly togetherness has shown so much.
    The inspirations exist.

    Jim, once wrote…..being hopeful…….“ more than anything to learn to love that in which the gods have faith, and to some way help or give to people through my painting.”

    Within the mystery of gods and love….

    ….. your making of things with people…..for people, has spoken volumes to me.

    Muchisimas gracias for holding the torch and sharing your gifts. It has been so fun to build together.
    Your friendship & example means a lot to me.

    May today continue the mystery…… Happy Birthday Jim.

    And more thanks to Anne than I could possible give. Thank you Anne for all that you are and all you have done.
    Warm appreciation to you two and all the Hubbell family, keeping Jim’s gifts goin’.

    Mahalo, Teo

  12. Kathy Frederick Louv says:

    Happy birthday, Jim! I experience such joy whenever Rich and I are with you and Anne – the connection between friends is some of the very best stardust there is. Thank you for this gift, as well as for the gifts of your vision, light, and art. Love, Kathy

  13. Rich and Kathy Louv says:

    Jim and Anne, we miss you both. Happy 91st — and thanks for your continuing inspiration to all of us.

  14. Dianne Jacob says:

    Jim, You are an inspiration and a true Icon in San Diego County and I will always cherish the moments with you, Anne and your legacy of IIan-Lael! A big Happy 91st Birthday!!! Hugs, DJ

  15. TOM LAMB says:

    Happy Birthday – great wishes for a very special person
    All our best always
    Tom & Vickie

  16. Nelson Brackin says:

    Dear Jim,

    I have many fond memories of my visit to meet you on November 5, 2012. Being with you and walking around your Ilan-Lael, seeing your home, and seeing your creative work is a memory I deeply cherish. Later I had the honor of attending the October 18, 2019 premier of the film, Between Heaven and Earth, at the New York ADFF. Kyle Bergman introduced me to your son who was there for the premier.

    Those moments with you seem like just yesterday. I hope to come back to see you again and to wander again with you through Ilan-Lael to hear your countless stories and to just be there in the magic of your creative spirit. I remember I shared my stories with you of my time working with Bruce Goff.

    Wishing you an outstanding Happy Birthday!

    Nelson Brackin

  17. Mike Stepner says:

    Happy birthday Jim
    You are an inspiration.
    Mike and Rosie Stepner

  18. Julia Fister says:

    Dear Jim,

    Wishing you the happiest of birthday’s! You will always be a star in our sky, along with your lovely Anne. May all your dreams continue to come true – Julia

  19. Sarah Jamieson says:

    Jim! Happy Birthday! I hope it is as fantastic of a day as you are! One of the greatest gifts of my life was working with you and the crew for 4 wonderful years. Often times if I can’t sleep, I imagine that I am back on top of the Big Studio roof, and the thought of it brings me so much peace that I fall right to sleep. With each year, you’ve created more things and places that make people feel at peace, and that is a very special thing! You all and Hubbell Hill will always be near and dear to my heart, and I am grateful for every second of it. Happy Birthday to you, and cheers to creating more amazing things this year!

  20. Julian and Leslie Duval says:

    Dear Jim,
    Happy Birthday dear friend … we wish you easy and gentle days ahead. No fires, no floods, just peace, truth, and love above all else. Know you are very special to us and we hold a bit of your light in our hearts…all the best to you, Ann, and the family.
    Julian and Leslie Duval

  21. Robert Thiele says:

    Jim & Anne
    I always know you as one with the other. Happy Birthday again and again until stardust. You both have been an inspiration and friend for the past 50 years and just reading the messages below see your touch on the lives of others. Still looking forward to seeing you in November. Robert Thiele

  22. patricia law says:

    happy birthday you are always an inspiration

  23. Caroline Wright says:

    Have a starlit birthday James! Your name goes so far back in my memory. When I was a young child, my mom was a potter. Now she would be called a ceramicists 😁 I sat for hours on the floor of our garage while she potted, making my own amusing creations from the small chunk of clay she offered me. She often spoke of you as one of the artists she admired most! In later years, we went to a Charthouse Restaurant where you had made a fabulous stain glass window.
    Back to nature, one of the most impressive memories of nature were created while lying on my back with my family at the Bailey Creek Ranch watching the sky. The shooting stars were a “gold star” opportunity! We identified constellations and the Milkyway. Most extraordinary were the comets! Hale-Bopp seemed to show off as it seemed to stroll across the massive black sky. My family and I are so fortunate to continue the fascinating experience of star gazing at the end of Orchard Lane thanks to my mom’s generosity. She has continued to share news of James’ works with me now. She celebrated her 89th birthday last July.
    I will plan to visit the Santa Ysabel Gallery and take a look at the always spectacular James Hubble artwork and share in celebrating your 91st birthday 🥳 Thank you for all your contributions to preserving nature and sharing your art with the world! Caroline Wright

  24. John Bingham says:

    Happy Birthday, Jim:
    Thank you for being part of my life. I have so many fond memories of you and Anne. One of our first conversations began with you asking me, “What is beauty?” Several decades later, I am still exploring answers and am eager to see what others say. Clearly it is a gateway to God, as are you. Hope your special day was full of fun and family. Blessings to you.
    John Bingham

  25. Ernie and Ellie Sullivan says:

    Dear Jim,

    I wish you as much happiness as you are giving happiness to the world by making it an intellectually and aesthetically better place. Keep on arting!

  26. Carlette Lee Ottman says:

    Happy birthday from the Ottman family

  27. James Lewis Rorabaugh says:

    Dear Jim….I have admired and been inspired by your creative approach ever since I watched you put that restaurant together on Mission Beach, San Diego. In 1972, I settled down here on Orcas Island, Washington and focused on developing my talents and skills. Out of the blue one day I got a call from a man who was spearheading a job you were designing here on the North shore and had somehow hear of my abilities. I gave him a big “YES”. Getting to work with you and your boys and that beautifully talented crew remains one of the very best creative projects of my life. “Happy Birthday Jim”, I wish you and yours all the very best. “River”Jim Rorabaugh

  28. Wayne Donaldson says:

    Happy birthday Jim!
    Role of these yours I’ve seen you celebrate many birthdays, however I remember a significant one when you turned 60. You were in my office on the third floor of the San Diego hardware building the Gaslamp Quarter. You mentioned how old you felt and whether or not you could keep the pace. I laughed out loud! So here you are, 31 years later and still going at it. Can’t wait to celebrate your 100th. Thanks to Anne for keeping you so young. You should go skinny-dipping in the pool in your birthday suit. That’s what I always did on my birthday, except in the ocean at night.
    Happy birthday young man!!
    Wayne and Laurie.

  29. Roslyn says:

    Happy Birthday, James! Thank you for the beauty and connection you create in your poems, your art, and, most importantly, your heart.
    Each creation of yours I see opens me to the greater Good.
    With loving best wishes to you,
    Roslyn Line

  30. Winston & Sharon Wade says:

    Giving Thanks for all your years of inspiring work and dedication to many around the World.

  31. Dana Porteous says:

    Dear Jim,
    Wishing you and Ann another happy and healthy year together. Meeting you changed my life. Learning that collaboration and Love was a better path to choose as an Artist gave me the confidence to live my life and those i have shared it with, a better path walked. Much Love to you.

  32. Diana says:

    Dear Jim,
    Thank you for all the beauty you have created and continue to create in this world for all to see. We are certainly better beings because of the joy and vision you and your family have shared with our community and beyond.
    Wishing you a very happy birthday!

  33. Sue Stiver says:

    Dear James,
    You continually amaze me with your creative open heart that is so full of love!
    Wishing you a wonderful 91st year

    with love,

  34. Mr Roger B Doudna says:

    Dear Jim,

    Thank you for the inspiration you brought to Findhorn. Both the big window that adorns the Universal Hall entrance and the Firebird that transformed our primary meeting room in the Community Centre brought us awareness of the beauty in nature that inspired you. Having lost the latter in a recent fire, we are hugely grateful that the Firebird has resurrected in your hands and, doubtless, will do likewise for the community itself.

    Roger Doudna
    Coordinator, Findhorn Foundation Fellowship

  35. Paul Kloppenborg says:

    Dear Mr. Hubble. Happy Birthday! I am a lover of the work of Antoni Gaudi, and your work reminds me of him. I have very fond memories of the old Triton Restaurant in San Diego, and have enjoyed your books and videos. My favorite is the “Doors of Abu Dabi”, some amazing work by you and your staff. I even got a chance to spend the night in the bed and breakfast that you created in Julian. It made me feel like I was back in Barcelona. Thanks for everything you have done for San Diego and the world…..Paul Kloppenborg

  36. Kaitlin Meadows says:

    You have sprinkled so much stardust into the lives and souls and hearts of all of us and leave a legacy of such delight and magic in your wake. May you and Anne continue to be blessed by the blessings you have so lovingly lavished on all of us! Good tidings and vast galaxies of well wishes!

  37. Peter Jensen says:

    What I love about you is the dichotomy between being a great philosopher/poet and the most down-to-earth man I’ve ever met — no pretensions, always open to new friends, new ideas, and humble. Recently I heard you say something that embodies some of that everyday humbleness.
    To paraphrase: you said, “When we built Ilan-Lael we didn’t think of expenses in terms of money. Instead, I’d think, ‘Well, that will take another bag of cement.'”
    And so Ilan-Lael rose, one bag of cement after another, beauty rising from humble materials of the earth, and from the imagination of two wonderful human beings, you and Anne, not to mention your four boys, and the hundreds of artisans you have mentored and worked with. Now it’s up to all your supporters to help make Ilan-Lael Foundation’s programs and preservation as vibrant as you are for the next 92 years.

  38. Carl Robinson says:

    Dear Jim,
    Happy birthday! You are a gift and your impact (love) on my life 44 years ago working for you still resonates in my life. Be well !

  39. Douglas Humphrey says:

    91 years! Very impressive Jim. We first met over 50 years ago through Rodda Lopez and Ken Kellogg. You have been an inspiration and an influence for me over my entire architectural career. Best wishes for this birthday and many more years to come. Your art, and thoughtful kindness are an enduring legacy for San Diego County and all of us who so enjoy the expressions of your talents.

    Stay strong and productive. Best wishes to both of you.

    Doug Humphrey

  40. Anita Feldman says:

    Wishing you the most beautiful day Jim!
    I miss our conversations on sculpture – always thoughtful and inspiring. I hiked Vulcan Mountain with my son last weekend and passed through your gates – such a gorgeous day, thinking of you and your boys. X Anita

  41. Angela Anthony says:

    A very happy birthday to you James! We feel so fortunate to have been able to tour Ilan Lael and bring an exhibition of your work to Helms Bakery in 2022. That was a memorable celebration, with buckets of stardust and excitement that will sustain us for years to come. Thank you for sharing your creativity and philosophy with our community. Wishing you a joy-filled 91st! May you continue to touch people around the globe with your vibrant art and exuberant perspective. Much love from your friends at Helms.

  42. Joseph Perez says:

    Happy Birthday from Joe’s Glass Shack

  43. Tonya and Ben says:

    Mr H,
    Ben and Tonya have been so blessed by your friendship and inspired by your creativity through the years. From the day we said our vows in your chapel we have thought of you as a bright light in a dim world. Thank you for all your gifts of kindness. Have a magical birthday.
    Ben and Tonya

  44. Jay Evarts says:

    Still have great memories of helping to build the Volcan Mountain Gateway.
    You will always be an inspiration for me and Susan.

  45. drew l hubbell says:

    HI Dad I just wanted to let you know how lucky I feel to be one of your sons & how I cherish our time together searching for stardust in in this amazing world.
    Have a magical birthday! Love Drew

  46. Hector Del Aguila says:

    JIM Receive our congratulatons to celebrate your91st aniversary.. Now we are improvement the Pacific Rim Park at La Joya Place, Next Nov 2nd. we are celebrating a new face for Tijuana Pacific Rim Park. We are sending you and your Foundation the Invitation.
    Salutes from Tijuana Rotary Club.

  47. Sharon Saunders Madison says:

    Dear Jim , May you have the Happiest Birthday and a Wonderful 91st year ! You are my inspiration to live my life making sure I give my creative self time and space to evolve as you have done so , so very well. I love your work and am so grateful for yours and Ann’s hospitality during my few visits to your home and studios in Julian . Thank you Anne for the lovely tour and visit you had with Don Madison and myself a few years ago. Its a joy to see all of the beautiful things you have created with Don’s Cedar Wood. My experience with him to find just the right tree for your orders, then to see him mill and then deliver the wood , and to go back and see what wonderful placement they have in your plans , this just one example of a persons place in creating your special property. The use of light, colors, clay, glass, wood, metal all incorporated into your magical designs. Thank you for those moments and I hope to be able to enjoy more with you. Those times with you and Anne are my “Stardust moments”, I cherish the memories. Love to all!

  48. Nancy Keating says:

    Dear Mr. Hubble,
    Our favorite Hubble work is the Sea Ranch Chapel, hence our gifts to you of abalone shells and the large sea urchin that Marianne was kind enough to deliver to Julian for us.
    Thank you for making the world kinder and more beautiful.
    Nancy Keating and Ray Johnson

  49. John McCann says:

    At 85 I am not far behind you in our trips around our brilliant star. I too have experienced stardust. First when I met my late wife, Karen – then again when I met my wife to be, Barbara.
    Happy birthday,
    John McCann

  50. Stephen Cline says:

    Happy Birthday Jim! Hi Anne!
    We loved visiting with you recently. So many happy memories! One is body surfing with you at Ponto on our Sunday beach days. With that in mind, here’s a poem about a special wave. Lots of love, Stephen

    One Wave Set by Stephen Cline

    Like the lineup itself
    we sit lulled,
    watching sunlight glint on undulating water
    through the spectrum of blues and greens.
    The mustard flowers pour down the hillside
    murmuring the name Portola.

    The wave rears suddenly, a sapphire stripe on the horizon
    (rogue is not the word to describe it).
    Still, caught inside, we scratch seaward,
    while groans and exclamations proclaim futility.
    The wave will go unridden.
    The wave of the day.

    It seems to happen often
    this best of waves sneaking,
    no, proudly marching in,
    while we look through its stained glass perfection
    in frustration and appreciation.

    Nevertheless, somehow it seems right
    that this most special of waves dances untamable before us,
    beyond our reach,
    unmarred by human ambition.

    And it is right that we let it pass,
    that we silently, reverently watch it go.
    If it is a sacrifice, let it be as the Greeks
    with the floor-splashed first sip of wine,
    a libation to the gods.
    Let it be an esthetic moment,
    a moment to wonder at the very process
    that makes for folding waters.

  51. Don Wood says:

    Jim Hubble served on the C-3 board and my Water & Energy Committee for years.
    We gave him the Revelle Award at a Fall event at the Marston House garden
    near Balboa Park back when I was president. His son Drew has picked up the gauntlet from his dad and
    gave us a lecture outlining Jim’s many accomplishments and projects on both sides of the border,
    his Pacific Parks program, and other examples of Jim’s work as an architect, designer and artist.

    Now that Jim and Anne have moved out of the Ilan Lael compound near Julian, their foundation
    is now hosting retreats and events up there. Perhaps you should consider having the C-3 board hold
    your annual retreat up there, and then hosting our Revelle Award event there later this year.

    I think we gave young Drew the Ruocco Award for up and coming young architects and
    artists. Now that he’s 60, has dozens of great buildings his team has designed and built,
    and is taking over as leader of the Ilan Lael Foundation, it may be time to consider giving him
    the Revelle Award for lifetime community planning leadership as well.

  52. Leslie Smith says:

    Ah Jim, blessed 91st ❤️
    Thank you for being here on Earth with us. You remind me that we are always, always co-creating with the universe and Mother Earth.
    I was a Cold War child. We actually wore dog tags or bracelets in grades 1-3 for identification in the event of a nuclear attack. My parents didn’t tell me the reason for this until I was in my twenties. I thought it was an accessory I chose every year! Hmmm… bracelet or necklace?
    At that time I lived in a dark sky city. I met the Milky Way there. The vision of opening my arms to it and drinking it in is a safe place I return to often. When my little arms fatigued while standing, I laid on the ground and looked up. I didn’t care that the grass was wet. I could see the sky AND I met Mother Earth in the form of gravity. My bones loved the feeling of being held while I experienced the sky. Such a delicious combination that is always available.
    I’m coming to IIan-Lael with Mary Drummond in November. I know you’re friends. A couple days after our visit, I’m bringing my sister. She lives in Idaho and is hyper excited about seeing the marvels you and Anne have created.
    Much love
    Leslie Smith

  53. Nancee Cline says:

    Birthday blessings and a poem for you Dear Jim!

    His New Favorite Color

    My grandson does not say the word yesterday,
    but understands there is a past, a time behind him.

    Instead of yesterday, he says “last morning”–
    his sing-song voice, finch-high.

    Tuesday, his mother drove north with him
    toward Mauna Kea, dawn just breaking.

    Later, he explained to us, “last morning
    the Sun was throwing pink at Hawaii!”

    All the last mornings–like a meandering
    river of clouds–wisping away.

    A new child in an old world,
    the Last Morning and the First.

  54. roger chadwick says:

    My first memory of Jim was in the early 90’s when a friend showed me some pictures of his work and I was absolutely amazed. After several attempt to find him as it was in BC days (before computers) I asked an Aunt living in Canada for help and she tracked down his address.
    My first letter to him was “Dear Jim, I am so glad to learn you are still alive and would like to visit you if possible”
    His reply was “Dear Rog, I am glad I am still alive as well” – LOL!
    I saved up some $’s and stayed with Jim and Anne in the summer of 95′
    It was a wonderful week that is with me always and The Hubbels were lovely to a long way from home Aussie. I remember going down to Tijuana on a Saturday with him and helpers to work on the school and visiting his glass artist Cindys home with some bats and coyotes.
    She put me in the fenced pen with them and one of them bit me so I was out of there quick smart.
    She laughed and said they are just playing with you and I remember thinking at the time ‘well come out surfing with me and when a great white bites your leg off I will say – oh, he’s only playing with you’
    I also remember doing some work in one of the studios and a hummingbird (which we dont have over here) in all its irridescent glory became trapped inside the building.
    I caught it with a towel and held the tiny little bird in my hands who’s heart was beating so fast it sat still on my hand while I went outside and slowly it realised it was now free and flew off with an arc over the top of me to say thanks.
    To me those memories and more are priceless and my Ilan Lael moments to treasure.
    Happy 91st to you dear Jim and sending you good thoughts – Rog.

  55. Susan Morse says:

    Jim and Anne, my first visit to your Julian property to see the buildings and meet you two, was in the early 1970’s, through a Camp Stevens event. I have been privileged to spend some quality time with you two, over these past six decadess , because of our shared love of Camp Stevens and the Bergstroms. They have been Blessed times that have opened my eyes, mind and heart, showing me some magic and beauty of art. And I have a copy of your book about turning 50 years old, Jim ❣️ HAPPY 🎂 NINETY-FIRST 🖼

  56. Sandra L Long says:

    I was in the high Himalayas of Kashmir, India sitting on the porch of a little hut looking up at the canopy of stars studding a black sky overhead when suddenly they were extinguished by thunderous clouds and lightning strikes. It was a real sound and light show and it was as if my soul was suddenly ignited and I became one with the heavens.
    James, you, too, have ignited my soul’s connection with all that is.
    Thank you!
    Sandra Long

  57. Barbara Claire says:

    Dear, Jim,
    Wishing you Goodness, Truth, and Beauty on your Birthday, and thank you for all of your expression of those virtues in the world. Truly the world is a more beautiful one with all of your works in it; the Lord is Joy and your works reflect him. I know if I lived on the west coast I would have met you and Anne in person to thank you. Questhaven, Flower Newhouse, and The Christward Ministry are the gossamer heart-felt ties I have with you all. Happy Birthday, Jim! ~Barbara Claire

  58. Julie Squires says:

    Dear James and Anne,
    Michael and I both love you and the beauty you awaken in us. One recent example of stardust in my life is literally that: the Milky Way arching over the dark sky of Bridgeport Valley in Northern California’s Sierra Nevada range. As we drove the four mile ranch road from the Hunewill Ranch to Bridgeport at night, we pulled off the road and got out of the car to stand in awe and wonder at the celestial galaxy.

  59. Rebecca Morales says:

    Happy Birthday, Jim!

    Every morning when I wake up and at night before I go to sleep, I see your exquisite butterfly painting on the wall facing my bed. I am reminded of the love and creativity that’s carried on gossamer butterfly wings — wings that take us from the earthly realm to the infinite. And it comforts me.

    Thank you, Rebecca M.

  60. Rebecca Morales says:

    Happy Birthday, Jim!

    Every morning when I wake up and at night before I go to sleep, I see your exquisite butterfly painting on the wall facing my bed. I am reminded of the love and creativity that’s carried on gossamer butterfly wings — wings that take us from the earthly realm to the infinite. And it comforts me.

    Thank you, Rebecca M.

  61. David Wilkinson says:

    Dear Jim and Anne,

    Your presence in my life helped me maintain my focus and, at times, even my sanity in the three years I spent as pastor of the Julian United Methodist Church. Your art, music, creativity and support have inspired the world…along with the light, through your windows, you brought to the Universal Hall at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. You have blessed the earth with light and beauty.

    David Wilkinson

  62. Kevin Farrell AIA NCARB says:

    James and Ann, It was so great to see you about a year plus ago, after working with you over 40 years ago, I continued that education into a degree in architecture and have been creating magical places around the country, including our home on Sanibel Island as well as the bridge we have all seen lately on the news after it was damaged and the only link to our island. My home on the island has what I call a “butterfly” shaped roof which has weathered this storm of Ian (140 mph) and hurricane Charley (165 mph) in 2004. All the best to you both, I now have a place at the top of Payson Dr. Julian, hope to see you again soon. Enjoy all life has to give.

    Happy Birthday! Best Regards, Kevin Farrell AIA NCARB

  63. Connie Govier says:

    Happy 91st Birthday dear James! I think I first experienced a stardust moment when I saw your amazing art works at the Triton Restaurant on College Avenue, and then felt an immediate connection to you when I met you some time later. I was so shocked and saddened when I read about the destruction of that art. Through you and your art, I began a journey to feel more of a connection to nature and other people. Thank you! To share a recent personal experience as requested, where I was aware of my deep connection to nature and the cosmos: I was driving home through San Diego’s collection of hills and coastal sage when it started raining hard…..always scary for me to drive in this condition. But suddenly I found myself smiling and thankful for the needed rain and I could FEEL the relief and joy of the plants that had been needing that nourishment for so long. I felt at one with them. Your art and your presence has a similar affect on me. Thank you so much, you wonderful wonderful man!

  64. Jeff Cresap says:

    Thank you for your art and contributions to the world. FYI, my father visited your workshop about 1990 and was inspired to create stained glass windows and panels for the next 20 years. Dozens were given to friends and family. Thanks to your inspiration I have several of his wonderful windows to remind me of him and his art.

  65. Phyllis Kessel says:

    Dear Jim, Happy 91! I’ll be 89 in a couple of months. Still haven’t caught up with you.
    Sending love to you and Anne. I’ll never forget all our great times together on the mountain.
    Phyllis Kessel aka Phyllis Van Doren

  66. Timothy Hinchliff says:

    Deer Jim, Roadmapping is our job in life as artist. Everything on our pathway are teaching tools to reflect upon. The colors of earth the shape of boulders. The beauty of a tree the sound of the leaves rustling in the breeze. The scents of the chaparral after the rain as quail run through the sage. We adore Nature as family. We express Nature through our art. We can’t stop and we won’t for we are the Nature of this Universe. Thank you for all that you are and celebrate with your keen wisdom.
    Timothy E. Hinchliff

  67. Anne Rosser says:

    Dear Jim,
    A long time supporter and follower of your many perspectives of nature and the universe I wish you a special Happy Birthday and the honor and privilege of your acquaintance .

  68. Lulu Smith says:

    Hi Jim!

    Happy Birthday! I always felt so lucky whenever I had the chance to visit Ilan-Lael and see all of the beautiful architecture and natural landscaping all around me. You are such a kind, bright, talented artist, and having the opportunity to see your work has inspired me greatly. The stained glass, the uniquely curvy buildings, and the use of raw, natural materials takes my breath away. It is all I could ever want for my future home, and I am currently working towards this goal now thanks to you! I hope your birthday is full of warmth, laughter, love and hopefully some good cake, too! ~ Lulu Smith

  69. Marianne Gerdes says:

    Dear Jim,
    Knowing you all this time is my stardust moment. I am in awe of the breadth of your wisdom and your skill. You are a true Renaissance man and the world and universe are better with you in it. Dancing with you and Anne across the galaxies! Happy birthday! ~ Marianne G.

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