The Hubbell Gallery


Welcome to the Hubbell Gallery, an online exhibition of James Hubbell original artworks.

The Gallery below features works from Hubbell’s most recent exhibit “Seeking Beauty: Selected Works from the Archive” The Artwork displayed at Santa Ysabel Art Gallery, from September 9th to October 31st 2023 featured never-before-seen private artworks and ephemera that focus on the pivotal experiences in Hubbell’s youth.

Artist Statement:

Few of us, near the end of a life, get the opportunity to reflect back and try to understand it. To think about the gates walked through or maybe even the gates pushed through. Life is completely a mystery, or better yet, magic. For me, it comes down to trusting life and acting as if that trust was real, and believing if we approach each day without fear and just listen, seemingly insignificant things can change everything. The different threads that make up our lives – the good and the not as good – can weave a beautiful tapestry if we trust them.

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