Nearing 91, artist James Hubbell has no time to waste. He’s got 2 exhibits and a new tour season opening this month  via San Diego Union Tribune

The world-famous designer and sculptor said he continues to find new inspiration and optimism, in spite of health challenges and move away from his longtime home and art compound in Santa Ysabel. Hubbell created the clay Our Lady of Guadalupe sculpture years ago for an outdoor alcove at the San Diego Mission de Alcala. But one night, a mentally ill man broke the head off the Madonna and then …. >Read full article

As spring open house season approaches at famed Hubbell art compound in Santa Ysabel, a torch is passed via San Diego Union Tribune

By PAM KRAGEN  |  APRIL 3, 2022
James and Anne Hubbell’s son, Drew, has taken over as president of his parents’ Ilan-Lael Foundation property, which the couple left last year. Almost every April for the past 38 years, activity at artist-sculptor James Hubbell’s famous Ilan-Lael home and art compound in Santa Ysabel has risen to a fever pitch as Hubbell, his wife, Anne, and their onsite crew of artisans prepared for the property’s annual open house. Drew said he and his three brothers — Torrey, Lauren and Brennan — never expected their parents to leave the compound, … >Read full article

Spring walking tours will include the latest James Hubbell-designed building, a caretaker’s cottage via San Diego Union Tribune

By PAM KRAGEN  |  MARCH 25, 2019
Before the pandemic, on every Father’s Day for 36 years, famed artist-sculptor James Hubbell and his wife, Anne, opened up their historic Ilan-Lael home and art compound in Santa Ysabel for an open house that drew admirers from around the world. Last year’s Father’s Day tours were canceled, but this spring, the Hubbells will welcome in-person visitors once again. To accommodate both pent-up demand and new social-distancing rules, the docent-guided group tours have been expanded….>Read full article

Brave, indomitable and pioneering: Local people who inspired us in 2019 via San Diego Union Tribune

Designer/sculptor James Hubbell has been a “living legend” for more than a half-century, but the Santa Ysabel artist doesn’t like the world “legend” because it implies that all of his achievements are in the past. n October, he celebrated his 88th birthday with the premiere of his first opera,… >Read full article

The Ilan-Lael Center, Santa Ysabel via Orchids and Onions

Nestled within the hills of Santa Ysabel, California, a circular series of buildings, the Ilan-Lael Center, has been built by Hubbell & Hubbell Architects. Housing the Ilan-Lael Foundation, the center provides a space for people from all walks of life to find common ground through the arts. Through workshops and retreats, the heart of the center is rooted in the appreciation for nature supporting its life, as well our own. > Read full article

Still active at 87, artist James Hubbell hosts Father’s Day open house via San Diego Union Tribune

By PAM KRAGEN  |  JUNE 12, 2019
For decades, artist James Hubbell has been revered as one of San Diego’s living legends.But being called a “legend” doesn’t sit too well with the 87-year-old Santa Ysabel resident, because legends are usually figures from the past. Hubbell hopes that when visitors arrive at his 40-acre ranch this coming Sunday for the 35th annual Father’s Day Open House… >Read full article

Hubbell Honored with 2019 Peacemaker Award via Rotary district 5340

APRIL 14, 2019

On February 27, 2019, the San Diego Downtown Breakfast Rotary Club honored famed local artist James T. Hubbell with the 2019 Peacemaker of the Year Award. The award is bestowed on community members (or an organization) who by their actions have made a significant difference in promoting tolerance, understanding, conflict resolution and peace. This reflects Rotary’s mission of helping build goodwill and peace in the world. >Read full article

A Fire’s Survivor via the Los Angeles Times

WYNOLA, CALIF. — BEFORE James and Anne Hubbell’s home was reborn this year, before it caught fire in 2003, even before its first indoor kitchen was built in the early 1960s, the place looked different from other houses. Like a hobbit’s retreat, perhaps, or an oversized set of shells from some distant sea bottom. >Read full article

Hubbell’s Ilan-Lael Foundation turns 30 via The San Diego Union Tribune

By JAMES CHUTE  |  JULY 29, 2013
The Ilan-Lael Foundation, a global, educational endeavor founded by architect and artist James Hubbell, is celebrating its 30th anniversary with Sept. 28 event at the First Unitarian Universalist Church in San Diego.

Here’s Hubbell’s statement…  >Read full article