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Thank you for supporting the Ilan-Lael Foundation. Our mission is to preserve and perpetuate the artistic legacy of artists James and Anne Hubbell and their signature creation, Ilan-Lael. The Foundation offers creative and inspiring volunteer opportunities for people of all ages. We also sponsor special events, and host programs that inform, inspire, and promote the arts in San Diego.

Membership Letter from Jim Hubbell

Here we are at the end of 2016 and the world seems turning, while at the same time we are finishing the Ilan-Lael Center. By early 2017 we should be on line, ready to go to work. Is the timing a coincidence that as individuals, a nation and a good part of a world have seldom been more full of uncertainty and trepidation about the future?
Can we and this place make a small difference? Can nature and art heal? Can we all take considerate steps toward understanding, respect of each other and appreciate our amazing differences?

We are going to try with your friendship.

If I have four years more or four days longer I do not seek to find out what Dostoevsky meant when he said “beauty can save the world” but what it means to our world and my life.

We invite you to be a member of the Ilan-lael Foundation. Whatever you can give; it could be 50 cents, at least then we will know you are alive and with us or may just be curious as to whether we can pull off making the world a little more beautiful and respectiful.

Thanks for being part of our family.

Jim Hubbell

Commemorative Giving

      • TRIBUTE & MEMORIAL GIFTS Tribute gifts are a popular way to make a thoughtful gift recognizing a friend or family member or cause while demonstrating support for the Ilan-Lael
        Foundation. In response to each gift, a personalized card is sent to the honoree or his or her family,
        notifying them of the gift.
      • COMMEMORATIVE BRICKS For a gift of $500 or more you can add your name or a loved one’s to the Ilan-Lael Center’s donor courtyard.
      • COMMEMORATIVE TREES A lasting, living gift is ideal for celebrating a birth, a new marriage, or the retirement of a long-time co-worker. There are currently 27 hand-chosen trees and shrubs available for dedication. Among them are three lovely apple trees near the ILF Center, three
        Coast Live Oaks, and a native Lonicera hispidula (pink honeysuckle). Commemorative trees are available for a donation of $1,000 each.
      • COMMEMORATIVE BENCHES With a gift of $5,500, you may dedicate a rock bench at Ilan-Lael to an individual or group. In accordance with the ILF Center Master Plan, bench sites are predetermined and sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Benches are hand-crafted from local stone. A small brass plaque will be inscribed with your tribute and mounted on the seatback.
      • CIRCLE OF LIFE ADORNMENTS & MAJOR SPACES NAMING OPPORTUNITIES Gifts of $5000 or more are remembered at our donor sundial. Gifts of $10,000 or more will purchase one of the Center’s unique features; Hubbell doors, stained glass windows, mosaic murals, or fireplace treatments. Gifts of $25,000 or more will add your name to one of the Center’s five buildings: the Archive Room, Office Building, Meeting/Classroom, Courtyard, or Caretaker’s Cottage.

Become a Sustaining Member with 100 Give $1,000!

An easy way to support the Ilan-Lael Foundation is to sign up for a donation subscription.  Some people like to set up donations using “Bill Pay” through their own online bank.  Others prefer to make automatic monthly or annual donations directly via credit card. To start a donation subscription click on this link:

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