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Fine Art Reproductions

Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) prints are a high-quality reproductions of original Hubbell watercolors.  There are two prints available.

Cold Sea, Torrey Pines – by James Hubbell – $85

The Sea As a Green Forest Giving Life- by James Hubbell – $85


MermaidAlbatrossStainedGlassStained Glass –  8′ x 8′ Round Mermaid Albatross Stained Glass Window  (1970’s Era)

This is a large, circular, complex widow design of a mermaid with flowing yellow hair and an albatross, this one-of-a-kind masterpiece was designed and built by James Hubbell  in the 1970’s for the Triton Restaurant formerly located in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA.   Generously donated back to us by the restaurant’s new owners, it has been cleaned and restored, this piece includes a consultation with Hubbell and Hubbell Architects for installation and display ideas and can be custom installed by our Hubbell Studio artists. Sold as a set only. Please contact us for price and further information about this exceptional art piece.

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Hubbell and Hubbell Architects for design and installation is included with the purchase.  The original owner removed it when he sold the house.  Please contact usfor price and further information.

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Mosaic Resin Door Panel – 2 Piece Set (from Triton Restaurant)

14TritonTotem (9)This rare Hubbell resin art door panel was originally designed as a foor to ceiling closet door treatment for the Triton Restaurant in Cardiff, CA.  It features plaster half-moon shapes, sea shells, gold leaf mosaic tiles and green, turquoise, and clear stones against a backdrop of dark turquoise and copper paint, and coated with a resin treatment.  The top panel has an 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ notch removed from installation.

Size:  77 1/2″ x 17″ door
38″ x 17″ panel w/missing notch 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″

Please contact us for price and further information.

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Hubbell Art Cards

Winter Holiday Rhino Cartoons Scenes from Ilan-Lael Stained Glass Torrey Pines Watercolor Whimsical Animals
card_set_holiday card_set_rino card_set_stained_foundation card_set_stained_glass card_set_torrey

Hubbell Art Cards

Set of 12 cards with envelopes
$20 per set

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James Hubbell – Retrospective

1952 – 1988
Oceanside Museum of Art
Exhibition Catalog from the 1998 Show



The Watercolors of James Hubbell: Meditation on Nature & Life

Includes James’ personal watercolors from after the Cedar Fire.



Hidden Leaves

The original newsletters that helped building the Ilan-Lael Foundation’s following. Published between 1983 and 1986. With introduction by James Hubbell and forward by Robert Thiele with Kay Kaiser.



Hidden Leaves Anthology


In Search of Shadows – James Hubbell Sculpture – 2013

From the exhibition by the same name at Oceanside Museum of Art.


The Shadow Side of the Moon – The Cedar Fire

Watercolors by James Hubbell
Photographs by Tom Lamb
Landscape watercolors and photos inspired by the Cedar Fire of 2003


Building From The Earth Up

(the story of Ilan-Lael)
by Anne Hubbell
Ilan-Lael as a family home as seen through the eyes of matriarch Anne Hubbell.


What Must Be Hidden

From a 2017 exhibition at St. James-by-the-Sea Church, La Jolla CA









I Will Build a City from the Discarded Wings of Dragonflies

Poetry and drawings by James Hubbell





Is There Life After 50 For A Middle Age Hat?

James Hubbell’s humorous cartoon look at growing older.
© 1988 Reprinted 2012


Seeds of Art

Rediscovering San Diego’s Mid-Century Artists
Catalog from a show celebrating San Diego’s mid-century artists




Architecture of Jubilation

by James Hubbell
A collection of essays that feature an architectural designer’s philosophy on what it means to build habitable and nurturing living spaces.


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Rare Books (out of print

From the Earth Up

Otto Rigan (1979) 1st Edition
Condition – fair to good
Experience as directly as possible Hubbell’s
world and the sources of his inspiration.


The Palace Doors of Abu Dhabi

Otto Rigan (1982) 1st Edition Soft Cover
Condition – fair to good
Hubbell builds a set of 18 doors in six months time for a Sheikh in the United Arab Emirates and this richly illustrated book tells the story.


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CDs, DVDs & Video

Eye of the Beholder – The Artistry of James Hubbell (2001) KPBS-TV
The Art and Vision of James Hubbell (1989) KPBS-TV

Two documentary films about James Hubbell, his architectural designs, sculpture, public art and work with students. Includes interviews with the artist, his family and associates.

An American Architect:  The Life and Art of Sim Bruce Richards

Sim Bruce Richards was a San Diego architect who trained at Taliesin, and took notice early on of a very young James Hubbell.  Hubbell credits Richards for launching his career, and his artwork is frequently featured in Richards custom residential designs.

CD Format


New Titles

Pacific Rim Park – The Transformational Power of Art (2019)

The epic story of James Hubbell’s international art project that has built community and understanding around the Pacific. By James Hubbell and Rebecca Morales, Ph.D.
$50 Hardcover

To Walk The Emerald Gate

New reprint of a Hubbell classic. Featuring James’s color pen and ink drawings and quiet, arresting poetry. Now available in hard cover and soft cover.

Hard Cover $30
Soft Cover $20

To Walk The Emerald Gate

James Hubbell – Between Heaven and Earth – DVD/Blu-Ray (2019)

A film about the life and artistic achievements of James Hubbell. Film Festsival award winning Director’s cut is available on DVD and Blu-Ray formats.

$20 – Standard DVD

$25 – Blu-Ray

Between Heaven and Earth

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