Pacific Rim Park 2018

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A New Park has come to Yantai!

June 28 – July 29, 2018

Pacific Rim Park – Yantai 2018

Students from ten Pacific Rim countries gathered in Yantai, China for a 30-day design-build effort, from June 28th, 2018 through July 28, 2018, and in the process built friendships, bridged cultures and created a lasting public park that welcomes Yantai into the Pacific Rim Park family. Visit the Time & Tide Pacific Rim Park Digital Time Capsule and experience first-hand the sights, sounds and thoughts of this amazing design build effort in Yantai.

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“Even overlapping mountains cannot prevent a dream from traveling a thousand miles.
The solitary moon can illuminate myriad views” ”

— Korean painter, Kim Myong-Kuk 1640