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“Tides Park” has come to Yantai!

June 28 – July 29, 2018

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Ilan-Lael Foundation’s Pacific Rim Park Project Presents

A Celebration Dinner at Jasmine Seafood Restaurant

The newest Pacific Rim park has just been completed in Yantai, China! What better time to celebrate than during the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. Join the Ilan-Lael Foundation for a delicious 10-course Chinese dinner and festive moon cakes as we share our amazing experience, in photos, memories, and video—of what it was like to build Tides Park in just 29 days (one lunar cycle). We hope you’ll join us as we welcome this beautiful new pearl into the Pacific Rim Park string of pearls, and thank the community that made it possible.

Sunday, September 23

4-7 PM

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Pacific Rim Park – Yantai 2018

Students from ten Pacific Rim countries gathered in Yantai, China for a 30-day design-build effort, from June 28th, 2018 through July 28, 2018, and in the process built friendships, bridged cultures and created a lasting public park that welcomes Yantai into the Pacific Rim Park family. Visit the Time & Tide Pacific Rim Park Digital Time Capsule and experience first-hand the sights, sounds and thoughts of this amazing design build effort in Yantai.

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“Even overlapping mountains cannot prevent a dream from traveling a thousand miles.
The solitary moon can illuminate myriad views” ”

                                                                                                             — Korean painter, Kim Myong-Kuk 1640