Additional Information about Open House

DeelBronzeSculpture_copyAtILPark your car and catch the shuttle at:

Julian Station
4470 Hwy 78
Julian CA 92036


Wynola Pizza Express
4355 Hwy 78
Julian, CA 92070

How do the shuttles work?

Shuttles move all guests from Hwy 78 parking lots to the Ilan-Lael property.  Orchard Lane is a private road.  There is no parking, driving, or walking allowed on Orchard Lane.   Due to the volume of visitors, expect to spend three hours at this event, including wait time for shuttles to and from the property.

Getting around the property (additional information)

Guests must be AMBULATORY and able to get into and out of shuttle vans unaided.

What will I see on the tour?

Our Open House tour is a SELF-GUIDED walking tour of the Ilan-Lael property, a 10-acre compound comprised of nine unique and hand-made structures.  The Father’s Day tour provides access to the organic garden and structures that comprise the living areas and art studios created by artist James Hubbell.

Our event is staffed completely by volunteers.  Due to the intense interest in this property we ask you to please be patient and plan for long lines and wait times for shuttles at the event._mg_5993

How long is the tour?

The tour typically takes three hours, including wait times for shuttles getting to and from the property!!!   Please plan your day accordingly.

Can I stay longer than my tour time?

Yes.  We realize it may take longer than you think to drive to our event, so we accept morning and afternoon tickets throughout the day.




Photography is allowed.
Pets are NOT allowed.
There is a rest room on the property.
There is limited seating available on the property.
Terrain is uneven with inclines.  Sturdy walking shoes are recommended.
This tour is NOT recommended for those who have difficulty walking.  The buildings do not have ramps or handicap access.  Paths are not paved and some buildings are accessible only by steps and/or stairs.   Visitors must be able to enter and exit our shuttle vans on their own in order to reach the property.
No smoking anywhere on the property.

Please respect your surroundings.  Do not pick flowers, fruits, or plants on the property.  Stay within the maintained grounds, as there are poison oak plants and wild animals, including rattlesnakes, in the area.


We encourage you to visit the many unique shops at Wynola Farms Marketplace.  Also, there are also two fine restaurants in Wynola:

WYNOLA PIZZA KITCHEN                                                JEREMYS ON THE HILL
4355 Hwy 78                                                                            4354 Hwy 78
Wynola, CA                                                                               Wynola, CA

Both are open most days for lunch and dinner.


Historic Julian is a mere five miles further east on Hwy 78.  There are restaurants, art galleries and activities most days, with special events on the weekends.  Visit for information about events and activities.


Artwork is available for sale at the Ilan-Lael property.  Please inquire if you see something of interest.  James is also represented by the Santa Ysabel Gallery.  Please stop by to see a wide selection of James work including paintings, pen and ink, sculpture, and stained glass.

Santa Ysabel Gallery
30352 Hwy 78
Santa Ysabel, CA 92070

(the white cottage at the NE corner of the intersection of Hwy 78 and 79 in Santa Ysabel).