Ilan-Lael Art Center

Ilan-Lael has taken a major step toward becoming a center for arts and culture. Before, you could only visit the home and landscape that inspire James Hubbell.   Now, you can work, play, think, and create in the inspiring atmosphere of the Ilan-Lael Center.

The Ilan-Lael Foundation’s Capital Building Campaign is an ongoing project that supports Jim’s continuing architectural vision of Ilan-Lael and helps to maintain the historic and architecturally significant buildings of Ilan-Lael. Your support makes the artist’s visionary designs possible.  Your gift can leave a lasting mark at the Art Center, at these donation levels:

        • $500: Buy A Brick Add your name to the Ilan-Lael Foundation Center.
        • $1,000: 100 Give $1,000 Your name will be honored as a Capital Campaign Donor.
        • $2,500: Tree of Life A tree will be planted in your honor, or a loved one’s, on the Ilan-Lael property.
        • $5,000: Circle of Life Circle of Life donor names will encircle the Hubbell sundial.
        • $10,000: Buy An Adornment Fund one of the Center’s unique Hubbell doors, stained glass windows, mosaic murals, courtyard seating benches, or fireplace treatments.
        • $25,000: Place your name on one of our six major spaces: Archive Room, Office/Kitchen (no longer available), Meeting/Classroom (no longer available), Conservatory, Courtyard, or Caretaker’s Cottage.