Art for Sale

Own A Colorful Piece Of The Triton

James Hubbell’s original stained glass art and other sculptures from The Triton. Either as beautiful free standing or built-in elements, in house or office, these pieces will live on as a testament to the remarkable work of James Hubbell in the ‘70s.

Mermaid Albatross Stained Glass

ilan-lael-triton-22 Size: 8’ diameter Description: Large, circular, complex window design of a mermaid with flowing yellow hair and an albatross. Sold as a set only, this piece includes a consultation with Hubbell and Hubbell Architects for installation and display ideas. Condition: Fair to Good; some oxidation on lead lines. Buy Now: $35,000

Mosaic Resin Door Panel

ilan-lael-triton-23 Size: 77 1/2” x 17” door, 38” x 17” panel w/ missing notch 8 1/2” x 5 1/2” Description: Rare Hubbell resin art door panel originally designed as a floor to ceiling door treatment. Features plaster half-moon shapes, sea shells, gold leaf mosaic tiles, and green, turquoise, and clear stones against a backdrop of dark turquoise and copper paint, and coated with a resin treatment. Top panel has an 8 1/2” x 5 1/2” notch removed from installation. Condition: Good to fair, some wear on lower 18” of main panel. Buy Now: $4000