Welcome to the
Ilan-Lael Foundation

The Ilan-Lael Foundation invites you to celebrate creativity.

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Enrich yourself.

Discover your own creativity
through lectures, workshops,
internships and tours.

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Explore Ilan-Lael.

Visit our one-of-a-kind home,
built by artist James Hubbell,
and be inspired by beauty, art and
natural surroundings.

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Environmental Stewardship

Ilan-Lael lives environmental responsibility
through sustainable construction, alternative energy usage, organic gardening, and native landscaping.

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Bridging Cultures.

We live in a beautiful world, and are lucky to be able to explore, and grow, and enjoy it: We accomplish so much more as community than we can alone.

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Construction Project

The soon-to-be-completed
Ilan-Lael Center will provide
inviting space for program and business.

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Endow the Future.

Ensure that the creative spirit of
James Hubbell and Ilan-Lael's architecturally-significant buildings
continue long into the future.

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